The State Capitol in Sacramento

The California state Legislature wraps up its session on Friday. We’ll talk about hot-button bills such as minimum wage, prison overcrowding, fracking, drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants, and other legislation.

Scott Detrow, Sacramento bureau chief for KQED Public Radio
John Myers, political editor for KXTV in Sacramento
Juliet Williams, political reporter for the Associated Press

  • Pontifikate

    I’d like to ask whether there’s any movement, now that there’s a 2/3 Democratic majority, for an extraction tax on oil companies, something Democrats talked about when they didn’t have the votes to pass it. That would alleviate many financial problems in the state. Are the Democrats all hat?

  • Johnny Stafford

    I am a new teacher, and I understand that the program to clear credentials (BTSA, or Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) was defunded. That is leaving me a $3200 bill if I want to start this program that was originally meant to support teachers. That is not much support for a new teacher. Is there any word about what is going to the program? There are rumors it may be eliminated.

  • utera

    Good job passing gun legislation which is concrete proof for the rest of the country that democrats can’t be trusted. Good long term plan there dems. I’m sure there are no other problems needing to be fixed in this state.

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