The Northern California coastline near Mendocino.

California’s 1,100 miles of majestic coastline holds countless of stories of humans interacting with the sea. In his new book, “The Golden Shore: California’s Love Affair with the Sea,” David Helvarg traces a geographic, ecological and literary journey along California’s coastline. He joins us to discuss how early settlers, the military, surfers and others have transformed — and been changed by — the Pacific shoreline.

California’s Love Affair With the Sea 5 September,2013forum

David Helvarg, author of "The Golden Shore: California's Love Affair with the Sea" and executive director of Blue Frontier Campaign

  • theresa

    Cant wait for this show as I am one who loves the sea and living near it. I go to the coast when happy and also when down as it always lifts me. I was raised in a Navy family and my earliest memories are at the beach in Carmel.

  • grizzley

    Why is it that everytime we see the Senate meetings on TV they all have plastic water bottles in front of them? R they clueless about this too?

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    Thanks for sharing

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