We discuss the latest news out of Tuolumne County’s Rim Fire, which has burned just under 150,000 acres and is expected to push further into Yosemite National Park on Monday.

Yosemite Rim Fire 26 August,2013forum

Julie Hutchinson, Battalion Chief, Cal Fire in Riverside
Vivan Ho, Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle
Harlan Kelly, General Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

  • Skip Conrad

    What does this fire (and others of similar magnitude) say for the human settlement of California. Have we pushed our human occupancy to the limit? and beyond?

    • Robert Thomas


      Probably not.

  • Bob Fry

    No chance of a real map showing the fire area?

  • Robert Thomas


  • Tom Cal

    The factors behind the current American and
    Rim fires has come up as a topic of community and neighborly discussion.

    For these 2 specific fires (the American and
    Rim fires.), from what you know or understand (facts and science, not
    speculation and hearsay), can you help us learn about how and which human
    factors played a role?

    For these 2 specific fires, do you know if and
    how human activity (fire suppression, development, etc.) contributed to
    unnatural forest density and overgrown forests?

    For these 2 specific fires, what other human

    factors if any may have contributed to these 2 fires?

    What other questions should we be asking and


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