The U.S. and Russia are asking the Syrian government to allow the United Nations to investigate evidence of an alleged chemical weapons attack on a rebel stronghold near Damascus. Syrian officials have denied use of chemical weapons, but the international community is calling for action if proof is found. President Obama said the gassing was “of grave concern,” but also stressed he did not expect to involve the U.S. military. We discuss the latest from Syria, and what evidence of a chemical attack might mean for U.S. involvement.

Syria Update: U.S. Calls for Investigation Into Possible Chemical Warfare 26 August,2013forum

Jeffrey White, defense fellow at the Washington Institute of Near East Policy
Ben Hubbard, Middle East correspondent for the New York Times

  • Bldg 7 Controlled Demolition

    Syria is not using chemical weapons. The USA is just looking to justify yet more military interventions and is continuing its plan of “toppling 7 countries in 5 years” as General Wesley Clark leaked. The USA and its allies are openly sponsoring the actual terrorists who are being sent into Syria to fight Assad. In legal terms the USA has become a state sponsor of terrorism, engaging in an unprovoked proxy war of aggression, in order to ultimately install Islamist regimes. Those US-backed terrorists in Syria are massacring Christians and others, including when they dismembered a Christian man and fed his meat to stray dogs; or when they publicly executed a Muslim teenage boy for mentioning Mohammed in a casual way. And to think our government still claims that Muslims perpetrated 9/11 (long ago proven false by scientists and engineers, see, despite it being is common knowledge outside of the US that the CIA funds Sunni terrorists, and has done so going back to when they gave $1 billion to bin Laden to fight the Soviets. Indeed the term “Al Qaeda” originally referred to a CIA computer database that contained a list of the CIA’s Islamist assets.

    • Bob Fry

      I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but as an engineer and pilot I find the “evidence” the conspiracy kooks use ridiculous.

      • Hans

        If you think an Arab guy who flunked out of flight school and couldn’t fly a tiny Cessna would be able to hit the Pentagon with a commercial airliner, you’re definitely not thinking clearly.

        Real engineers please check out

        Real pilots please check out

  • Bob Fry

    Geez, when are we going to grow up, and quit thinking our role is to be superior to everyone? We do everything in extreme, including bombing people into democracy. I guess as our other mid-east wars wind down, the industrial war machine needs new customers.

  • Bill_Woods

    “Ballistic missiles”? I think you meant cruise missiles.

  • Ellis

    Where are the adults in the United States and London? Only a
    ruling class composed of delusional kleptocrates, oligarchs,
    plutocrats and monarchs could have brought the world to the abyss of
    WWIII. Since WWII we in the United States have instigated every war
    we’ve been involved in for various fallacious reasons. Please keep in
    mind that 9/11 was a crime. No government attacked us! Our response
    was to attack three governments – Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.
    This tale of “Pinky and the Brain” attempting to achieve world
    domination would be laughable, except that it’s true!

    As Nick
    Turse pointed out in a recent article in the “Counter-Punch” Blog
    titled “Destabilizing the World, One Region at a Time”

    a story that should take your breath away: the destabilization of
    what, in the Bush years, used to be called “the arc of
    instability.” It involves at least 97 countries, across the bulk of
    the global south, much of it coinciding with the oil heartlands of
    the planet. A startling number of these nations are now in turmoil,
    and in every single one of them — from Afghanistan and Algeria to
    Yemen and Zambia — Washington is militarily involved, overtly or
    covertly, in outright war or what passes for peace.”

    The drumbeat in the
    United States Media, both print and broadcast, are now at almost a
    fever pitch to launch an attack on both Syria and Iran. The same
    propagandizing is going on in London. Even more chilling under a
    monarchy like Britain, one can have outright censorship in light of
    the Iranian “PressTV” being thrown off the air. The amazing thing
    in the United States is that what passes for the “Political Left”
    like “MS NBC”, “Democracy Now” and even our beloved Radio
    Station “KPFA” (in the San Francisco Bay Area) are all beating
    the same war drum. One has to ask oneself; “What is it about the
    use of destabilization tactics seen so clearly in Libya that the
    United States and its allies engaged in that our media do not
    understand”? I’m being kind of course. We should call these
    “government propaganda spots.” And which all of our news outlets
    are obliged to run. Hell, when it came to Libya, “KPFA” actually
    had a spokesperson from the United States State Department come on
    air to personally spew the government line. The world was then
    subjected to the spectacle of Mrs. Hillary Clinton chortling or belly
    laughing, as she likes to call it, at the horrific murder of Col.
    Gaddafi, making everyone question her humanity if not her sanity.

    So, is Syria really
    Libya 2.0? Well no, because the Russians and the Chinese won’t be
    duped again so quickly into voting for vaguely worded UN Mandates
    giving NATO/United States unlimited latitude(bombing) and
    authority(picking the winner) to “protect civilians.” Washington
    and London are not just destabilizing the planet one region at a
    time, but they’re in a hurry to do it! What’s driving their
    accelerated schedule is the world financial recession. It’s a beggar
    thigh neighbor, plunder and rape the planet strategy with the goal to
    save the United States Dollar and the British Pound. Libya wasn’t a
    bad heist, $80 Billion in gold and $60 Billion in cash. And when this
    recession mess is over there’s the oil and water(the Great Man Made
    River Project which the Libyans spent $40 Billion building – this
    water may be more valuable than oil).

    If the Russians and the
    Chinese won’t go along with the “wink, wink” humanitarian
    intervention in Syria then; why are the United States and NATO
    continuing to push this? This takes us back to where we started –
    these folks are delusional, developmentally arrested and Malthusians
    who believe that they will only have to take a “population haircut”
    in a nuclear exchange with China and Russia! They think the
    unthinkable that Nuclear War is in fact winnable! People who think
    like this should be exposed and driven from official positions of
    responsibility in any government, but especially the United States
    and NATO Countries where these leaders seem to be infected with this
    insanity and who have many nuclear weapons. President Obama needs to
    walk us back from this abyss and stop the brinksmanship!

    President Obama is not
    even making a pretext of going to the UN this time, before “he”
    decides to attack Syria. This is the definition of a war against
    peace – a rouge state in action.

  • Chris OConnell

    Will Thailand be bombing Syria for using the wrong weapons? Maybe El Salvador or Angola will gear up for such an attack? We really think it is our world and that we can bomb anyone for any reason. We should only attack those who attack us, or when such attack is IMMINENT. That is the law, after all. Although, we are the law, and that trumps any written law.

  • marte48

    Isn’t there anything we can do besides bombing Syria to put pressure on the Assad regime? You know that they will only put human shields in front of anything we care to bomb. Can we attack their cyberspace instead?

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