Climate change poses an “immediate and growing threat” to California’s water, vegetation and wildlife according to a report released Thursday by the state’s Environmental Protection Agency. The report outlines the current effects, which include increased wildfires, rising sea levels along the California coasts and migration of plants and animals to higher elevations. We discuss the study, and examine state efforts to address the climate challenge.

Craig Miller, science editor for KQED
Christopher Field, founding director of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology, professor of biology and environmental Earth system science at Stanford University and co-chair of Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Matt Rodriquez, California secretary for environmental protection

  • Craig

    Why do we all drive around multi-ton vehicles, often with no passengers and little cargo? I saw a video about a new car that gets 84 mpg that is a 3 wheel 2 seater, and will cost only $6800. And yet I’m not sure I’d feel safe in it around all of the SUVs that Bay Area people still drive or careen around in, outside of liberal SF that is. Indeed massive SUVs still seem to be the vehicles of choice for many, especially foreign unskilled laborers.

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      So you buy the car you want…..any keep your nose out of other peoples decisions. Why are all Liberal Communists? Not eveyone buys the man made climate change scam……it’s a Liberal thing. Others don’t buy into Communism so easily.

      • Asteroid Miner

        name calling

      • Kenji Yamada

        How a person can strongly support private ownership of productive capital and still be called a communist is a mystery to me.


    Fortunately, Californians pitch in to help preserve State’s health.

  • Eric

    California can’t solve climate change by itself. In fact, the world may very likely continue forward as is, with only minor blunting of the pace of CO2 emissions when the developing countries are factored in. We need to spend more of our energy on adaptation.

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      California has nothing more to spend.

  • Ron_Lautmann

    Isn’t possible that the increase in wildfires is a result of the environmentalist’s work in banning the maintenance thinning of forests in California?

    • Ron_Lautmann

      The guest did not answer the question at all.

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      yes, that has been proven……many forrests are now tinderboxes thanks to the Environmentalist freaks. Luckily the natives here burn all the dead parts of the forrest in the spring.

  • The guests blame “the economy” as it it was a deity or force of nature that we can do nothing about. The economy is man made. The cap and trade program wasn’t just impacted by “the economy” it was also impacted by people and organizations that didn’t want it to change.
    You have scientists on talking about politics and what has driven opinion and actions. I think you need some people on to can talk about how the climate change deniers have had an impact and how to stop them.

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      You mean realists……why don’t the global warming crowd just present evidence….rather than guess about what MIGHT or COULD possible happen MAYBE in the future. Keep in mind the Climate change pushers have been wrong for the last 14 years……They were wrong in the 1970’s too. Oh no global cooling……were all going to freeze to death….it’s a new ice age the Liberals all cried in the 70’s.

  • Karen

    Jurisdictions around the Bay Area have been implementing Climate Action Plans over the last decade to tackle climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. City departments have also taken the lead by implementing programs such as mandating energy-efficient equipment in City buildings, and replacing vehicle fleets with hybrid or electric models. Other community-wide programs include banning single-use plastic bags in retail, establishing goals to divert trash from landfill into compost and recycling, and green building ordinances that require new development to be built with reduced environmental impact.

    • Asteroid Miner

      Those Climate Action Plans result in nothing. To have an impact, you have to convert your fossil fueled power plants to nuclear. You can’t build the energy storage that renewables need. Go ahead and try. I dare you.

      Nuclear power is the safest there is.

      As of February 4, 2012: 573 certified deaths were due to
      evacuation-related stress at Fukushima. Zero due to radiation.

      As of August 07, 2012: Zero people have died from fukushima radiation. 761 died due to evacuation-related stress at Fukushima.
      “Fear of Radiation (unnecessarily hasty evacuation and other measures) has killed 761 and radiation has killed none from Fukushima”

      Meanwhile, burning coal kills something like a million people each year and is the biggest source of CO2. Natural gas is out because we are already past the safe level of CO2 plus equivalents.

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      California is a joke……those fools will fall for any scam….and this proves it.

      • Asteroid Miner

        Guy_in_Kingston should watch his language.

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      Hear that? It’s the rest of World laughing at the fools in California falling for a scam.

  • jurgispilis

    Why not cut to the chase, and deal with the heart of issue? There are simply way way too many humans living on a planet, which can no longer support us. Why don’t you talk about this – or perhaps population growth is too controversial?

    • Skip Conrad

      I’d like to add that the US, as the world’s 3rd most populous nation, has the highest per capita carbon footprint. So it seems odd that the Obama government is bent on pushing through immigration reform legislation (e.g. S744) which will greatly increase our population with more high carbon footprint human beings, all under the auspices that this is the “right thing to do”. The right thing to do it would seem – for the planet and thus for ourselves – is to stabilize our population growth. But I doubt that this is something that will be discussed very much, because we live in a very politically-correct controlling corporate society at this stage of the game.

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      Well keep in mind the American population is not growing…..the European population is not growing…..the Canadian population is not growing……what is growing is the population of African and Arab countries….and then immigrating to other countries. Liberals are the problem…..not the solution.

      • Skip Conrad

        “the American population is not growing …”. I beg to differ. Check the numbers. They don’t lie.

        1950 – 150 million Americans
        1970 – 200 million Americans
        1990 – 250 million Americans
        2010 – 300 million Americans
        2013 – 315 million Americans

        • Guy_in_Kingston

          yes….it’s growing by bringing in foreigners……The American people have been having fewer and fewer children. The American population is going down has been for decades now…….it’s the foreign population that is growing. The populations in foreign countries (Africa, India) is growning and then your importing their excesses.

          Obama wants to bring in millions more….that’s not the American people having more children….their immigrents. You import over 1 million Muslims each year…..once again….that’s not the American population growing.

          • Asteroid Miner

            Republican CEOs bring them in to work without rights.

          • Skip Conrad

            So why don’t we get to enjoy the benefits of a low birth rate? Full employment; strong middle class; lots of open space; little congestion; ample clean water, and clean air; low pollution; adequate housing; etc.

  • ffuser9

    I feel like climate change is a dirty little secret that we don’t make more of an issue about than it is. In my opinion we should be screaming this from the roof tops so the public will take notice and force our politicians and businesses to start seriously addressing it. There should be advertisements about it everywhere. And not just for climate change but pollution in general. I saw a woman today throw a cigarette butt out her window. I can’t believe how ignorant people are in this day and age. We need to make people very aware of the issue and how it will impact their lives. So higher grocery bills, water shortages. We also need to quit catering to business concerns about making huge profits while they still pollute our environment.

    We all need to be good stewards to our environment!

    • Guy_in_Kingston

      Why it’s a hoax… Liberal have been pushing the same nonsense for almost 100 years. Global warming in the 1930’s. Global cooling in the 1970’s, global warming AGAIN in the 1990’s……now climate change.
      Liberals never stop crying the sky is falling, as an excuse to push Marxism….LOL

      • Asteroid Miner
      • ffuser9

        Guy – so are you saying that all the science and scientists that show this data are controlled by the “Liberals”? I’m neither a scientist nor a Liberal but just look around. It seems pretty obvious to me that even without all the science or an agenda that humans are screwing things up.

  • Guy_in_Kingston

    are Liberal fools still falling for the climate change scam…..sheeesh.
    Those people will believe anything.

    • Asteroid Miner

      My home town used to get 450 inches of snow every year. Now it gets less than 100 inches of snow every year.

      • Guy_in_Kingston

        37 feet of snow… and?

        • Asteroid Miner

          Snow belt of N.Y. state. Look it up. Cattaraugus county.

          • Guy_in_Kingston

            I am north of you and we HAVE NEVER had 38 feet of snow in one year…..Canada has never had 38 feet of snow in a Winter.

            Not even in the 1970’s when the LIberals were all affraid of “Global cooling” and the approaching ice age……were all gonna freeze to death…..yes I am old enough to remember that scam before it became global warming. Your located not far from me you know…..only I am north of you….get it north, it’s colder here…..never had 38 feet of snow in a year…lol Eskimos don’t get 38 feet of snow….LOL

          • Asteroid Miner

            You were north of the source of water:
            the Great Lakes. Wind from the NorthWest gets very wet coming over the lakes, then the air is forced up by the mountains/Allegheny
            Plateau. The cooling from altitude gain forces the water to condense out as snow. The clouds average 11000 feet thick.

            Youngster! Go back to the 1940s, maybe
            earlier. I remember the 1950s.

            Some places in southern Alaska get 100
            feet of snow per year, not far from Anchorage. That is why there is a glacier there.

          • Guy_in_Kingston

            He’s talking about New york state….a 20 minute drive away getting almost 40 feet of snow….LOL
            Were actually located close to one another…..he’s on the American side of the Bride I am north on the Canadian side of the bridge….lol Never had 40 feet of snow……Eskimo’s don’t get 40 feet of snow.

            These are the same kinda people who think Polar bears are rare….LOL

          • Asteroid Miner

            The global cooling mole


            “Filed under: Climate Science
            Climate modelling Communicating Climate Reporting on climate skeptics
            — william @ 7 March 2008 – () ()

            By John Fleck and William Connolley

            To veterans of the Climate Wars, the
            old 1970s global cooling canard – “How can we believe climate scientists about global warming today when back in the 1970s they told us an ice age was imminent?” – must seem like a never-ending game of Whack-a-mole. One of us (WMC) has devoted years to whacking down the mole (see here, here and here, for example), while the other of us (JF) sees the mole pop up anew in his in box every
            time he quotes contemporary scientific views regarding climate change in his newspaper stories.

The problem is that the argument has
            played out in competing anecdotes, without any comprehensive and rigorous picture of what was really going on in the scientific
            literature at the time. But if the argument is to have any relevance beyond talking points aimed at winning a debate, such a comprehensive understanding is needed. If, indeed, climate scientists predicted a
            coming ice age, it is worthwhile to take the next step and understand why they thought this, and what relevance it might have to today’s science-politics-policy discussions about climate change. If, on the
            other hand, scientists were not really predicting a coming ice age, then the argument needs to be retired.


          • Asteroid Miner

            Snow does not equal cold. When it gets
            to 40 below in Cattaraugus county, it stops snowing. That is because it can’t get cold until the Great Lakes freeze over. Snow is
            relatively warm, as in 28F above.

          • Guy_in_Kingston

            I am north of you……Lake ontario is 2 city blocks from my house……your a fool. -40 is not uncommon here. the temperature have not gone up in over 15 years and this is the coldest Summer in years.

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