Last week the FBI and IRS executed search warrants at three locations of Oakland’s American Indian Model Schools. The top-ranked charter schools were ordered to close earlier this year due to financial mismanagement and allegations that a former director had funneled millions into his own companies. Meanwhile, an Alameda County judge has said the school can stay open while it appeals to the state Board of Education. We discuss the investigation.

Jill Tucker, education writer for the San Francisco Chronicle
Troy Flint, spokesperson for the Oakland Unified School District
Carl Chan, American Indian Model School parent-student advocate

  • thucy

    Violence breaks out in California cities of Oakland and Los Angeles, but NYC demonstration, which was orders of magnitude larger, and more densely packed, was peaceful.

    I think there are a lot of factors, but I also remember peaceful demonstrations in NY over civil rights issues (Abner Louima and Amadou Diallo) in the same decade that Los Angeles suffered the Rodney King riots.

    There are two factors that spring to mind: 1) California is a car culture, and as such it is easy for riots to spin out of control as vehicular egress is optimized, and 2) NYPD, for all its god-awful flaws and rotten apples, and earning nearly half the salary of California’s urban police departments, is simply more in touch with the communities it polices – walking beat cops, as opposed to cops riding around in cars, is a big part of that.

  • Kate

    I don’t get it. Why do oakland protests always seem to end up destroying businesses in their own community. I don’t see where that would make people sympathetic to their view point

    • erictremont

      It happens because lawlessness and mayhem are central to the self-image of those protesters who engage in nihilistic behavior. They want to provoke a violent reaction by the police and they are gleeful when they succeed. That is their brand.

    • Beth Grant DeRoos

      Many do not even live in Oakland and some relish the media attention and some do not even need an excuse to violently protest.

  • Scott Law

    Quan and the other left wing politicians keep trying to make a distinction between “good” protestors” and those committing criminal acts – however, in Oakland, the truth is that the criminals only show up when the “good” protestors do. They should think about why this is to get a clue as to why Oakland is continually targeted.

  • Jinthebay

    Mayor, we need to make use of community organizations. Police are helpful in arrests but community leaders have a stronger voice in organizing these demonstrations. If I had a say, I would request our community gets together and help clean up our city…but I have a small voice. If you included Oakland’s community groups I think we could change the outcomes. Bring the community leaders to the table.

  • Ryan

    What responsibility, if any, does Mayor Quan take for the ineffective response to these “protests” over the last two years? Certainly other cities deal with this effectively all the time.

  • Moderately_Disgusted

    I really feel for Mayor Quan, just as I did during the Occupy Oakland protests. Really, they want to attack OAKLAND, of all places? A place that struggles financially, and where having to spend extra on police to keep innocent bystanders safe, means they have less to spend on, for instance, education. The protesters are choosing an easy, and totally inappropriate, target. It’s not as if any of the places attacked were owned by people who even AGREED with the verdict, for Pete’s sake!

    I wish the community had a way to reach out to the vandals (and the thug who attacked the restaurant worker with a hammer) and DEMAND they apologize. In person. They need to have a conscience when they commit such utterly stupid and counterproductive acts.

    To the caller who said Quan should have “been ready”: Does he think the Oakland administration is loaded with money to deal with such events, when it has a regular crime rate to deal with already? Maybe if the protesters would pick on Walnut Creek, or Hillsborough, or Belvedere for a change …

  • trite

    Unruly protesters are drawn to Oakland because Mayor Quan is perceived as weak, ever since she and Rebecca Kaplan walked arm-in-arm together against the police in support of Occupy Oakland.

  • Ellis


    This is
    not a police issue. What we see is a failure to provide venues for
    protestors to express their justified outrage against an unjust
    system. The major cities in the US should have organized events and
    forums to allow citizens from wherever they come from to discuss and
    even strategize solutions – in other words this should have been a
    learning/teaching moment!

    Thank you

    • thucy

      That’s a great point. If only we had some leadership at Local/State/Nat’l level. Quan, sadly, isn’t up to it, and I feel for her, but her perceived weaknesses are too much to overcome at this point.

  • Spysea

    More and more, many are viewing OAKLAND as a Third World city…. actions like anarchists continually destroying property and black mobs blocking traffic numerous times a year only solidifies the fact that a urban liberal city with a weak handcuffed PD.. and a incompetent mayor does not work. In any normal city a person as incapable as Mayor Quan would have been fired long long ago…. But as usual ( see Detroit, Wash DC, New Orleans and Oakland ) you vote for these fools, you now need to live with them. Oakland has become the swamp where every leftwing nut feels empowered to destroy their own community for they are too stupid to realize what they are doing.


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