Alysia Abbott

When Alysia Abbott was two years old, her mother died in a car crash and her father, a poet and gay rights activist, moved her to San Francisco. Abbot’s book “Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father” explores her experiences growing up with an openly gay parent during the tumultuous 1970s in San Francisco. It’s a world of artists, activists, drag queens, drugs and eventually, AIDS.

Growing up in ’70s San Francisco, With an Openly Gay Dad 21 June,2013forum

Alysia Abbott, journalist and author of "Fairyland: A Memoir of my Father"

  • chrisnfolsom

    I found communications through writing was a great tool in communications as with my father we had so much confrontation that when talking my father (and myself) would be more worried about rebutting an argument, or commenting on a statement rather then actually listening and processing what we heard. When reading a letter you have less incentive to quickly respond which can really open you up to listing and absorbing a point of view you would never be open to conversationally.

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