President Obama called for a “new beginning” between the United States and Cuba after he was elected in 2008. But former Cuban diplomat Carlos Alzugaray says that was just rhetoric, and the U.S. is still locked in a Cold War mentality that hinders any progress towards reconciliation. Treto join us to discuss what he thinks it will take to improve cooperation between the two nations.

Carlos Alzugaray, Cuban Political Analyst, former Cuban ambassador to the European Union.

  • Kurt thialfad

    Does Carlos Alzugaray favor (or oppose) the repeal of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, in light of the the fact that Cubans are now legally permitted to travel? How does he justify his position?

  • Roger Stoll

    Please note that Cuba, with the GDP of a poor third world country plus a crushing embargo imposed by the US, has built an egalitarian society in which education is guaranteed for everyone through college or grad school, as is lifelong health care. There is no illiteracy in Cuba, and social indicators in many instances exceed those of the US. Several years before Hugo Chavez’s death, President Chavez was only the second most popular head of state in Latin America-wide polls; Fidel Castro was the first. Free speech can hardly be said to be an issue, when everyone who has been to Cuba knows that complaining about the government is a national pastime.

    Viva Cuba!

    Roger Stoll, San Rafael

  • Chris OConnell

    The US policy towards Cuba is petty, sadistic and small-minded. Just like a mafia don, we will stop at nothing to punish those who defy us.

  • Chris OConnell

    Forum should probably check their facts too before citing the National Review.

  • Roxanne Worthington

    I was in Cuba in February of this year and saw many, many Cuban nationals come and go in the tourist hotels without any kind of restriction or interogation. I spent much time with the Cuban people and was impressed by their overall happiness, kindness and cordiality to me, an American. I was there as a photographer on a legal people to people mission. I loved Cuba and want to go back next year.

  • Chris OConnell

    The caller cites Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama continuing the embargo to show that this clash can’t be all the US’s fault. Huh?

  • Chris OConnell

    Thought experiment: A Saudi or Chinese government agency sends one of their citizens to the US with satellite phones and other advance electronics to give to the Saudi or Chinese communities herein. Who claims they are innocent when arrested with said equipment? Who clamors for their release?

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