Wednesday night, The Guardian broke the news that the National Security Administration, under orders from the Obama administration, has been secretly collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers. We’ll speak with the Guardian’s Washington D.C. bureau chief and a lawyer from the Center for Democracy & Technology to get the latest on the developing story.

Ewan Macaskill, Washington D.C. bureau chief, The Guardian newspaper, which broke the NSA-Verizon phone records story
Gregory Nojeim, Senior Counsel at the Center for Democracy and Technology and the Director of its Project on Freedom, Security and Technolgoy

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

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    • Teresa Ferguson

      That is absolutely a myth and there is NO evidence whatsoever that the Eucs either cause or fed the fire in 1991. I know this because I helped with the grand jury report after the fire. If you go back and read any of the documents produced after the fire about this you will find the trees had NOTHING to do with that fire…other than the initial start was in a grove of OAK trees. Only 10 years after the fire once UC decided they want to clear for development did this native plant myth begin. Eucs do NOT burn more quickly and replacing them with grassland and chaperral is not a better alternative. In a Diablo-wind driven fire everything burns so trading off high ignition risk for trees (like Eucs) that actually are slow to catch fire is not a solution.

  • johnqeniac

    the biggest problem is the asymmetry of oversight and secrecy. We are completely naked before the elite. The elite have tatl secrecy and freedom to commit unlimited crimes and atrocities without any fear of oversight, accountability, or punishment. There is a complete asymmetry in transparency. This is toxic and has proven to be catastrophic and sets the stage for totalitarian rule.

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