Congressman Jared Huffman

What is life like for a freshman congressman in one of the most gridlocked eras in modern political history? Democratic Rep. Jared Huffman, who represents California’s North Coast, joins us to discuss his brief tenure in the Beltway and his legislative priorities. We’ll also talk to the former environmental lawyer about his work on energy efficiency and water issues.

Mr. Huffman Goes to Washington 29 May,2013forum

Jared Huffman, U.S. congressman (D) representing California's 2nd District and former state assemblymember

  • Cal M

    I realize the Congressman is not a Senator, but might he comment on the grotesque & unprecedented use of the filibuster, both to block appointments & legislation?

    • voetsak

      The freshman Congressman is already over his head as congressman he would drown as a Senator. But then again this may actually allow us to get someone real in Washington and compared with Boxer he may actually have an IQ one higher than her.

  • aa aa

    Will Mr. Huffman agree to resign from politics if the current immigration bill in Congress just leads to more mass illegal immigration, or if, contrary to what he claims, it does NOT help our defecit?
    The problem with the current proposals is that they just repeat the mistake of 1986, legalization of millions of low-skilled workers in exchange for unproven promises of border security and workplace verification, which of course just led to more large-scale, low-skilled illegal immigration.

    His and others’ promises that current immigration so-called “reform” will solve our immigration problems or help the defecit is not credible given the failures of the last thirty years to stem illegal immigration, lower our defecits, or, most importantly, to raise the median real wage.

  • Sandra Mullen

    Can the Congressman explain his position on the environmental fight going on in Little Lake Valley. Environmental issues are being ignored and an environmentally sensitive wetland surrounded by farms and ranches is being destroyed.

  • Chris OConnell

    I only heard about half of this but I appreciated it. Good show.

  • Kurt thialfad

    The violence agaist women act contains some bad immigration aspects, specifically these U visas wgich have a history of fraud. Why should violence against women carry harsher penalties than violence against gays, or children, or men, or old men, or military persons, etc. ?

    Violence is violence, crime is crime, no matter who is targeted. If you increase the penalties against one group, you encouage crime against the other group. That’s discrimination.

  • JimmyOo

    James Lovelock, formulator of the Gaia Hypothesis, is of the opinion that we need nuclear technology along with renewables to scale back CO2 emissions by supplanting coal and other fossil fuels. The question you have to ask about Fukushima is, despite the catastrophe, what catastrophes did it avert during its lifetime? I am thinking in particular about coal-fired power (mercury emissions as well as standard hydrocarbon emissions) it supplanted.

  • JimmyOo

    What if San Joaz were in Del Nort’ County?

  • voetsak

    Mr. Huffman has no clue on Energy he is just another politician who pretends to care.

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