On June 3, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will close its doors for nearly three years as part of a massive $610 million expansion project that will add a new wing, nearly doubling the museum’s gallery space. We bid farewell to the SFMOMA in its current state with a special broadcast from the museum’s Schwab Room. We’ll talk about plans for the museum’s future, and the off-site programing SFMOMA will present at other museums and around the Bay Area during the temporary closure.

Neal Benezra, director of SFMOMA
Janet Bishop, curator of painting and sculpture at SFMOMA
Kenneth Baker, art critic for the San Francisco Chronicle

  • Sidney

    So many people are struggling to afford rent, or health insurance, or debt payments, or to just find work, yet the rich Marie Antoinette wannabe’s of San Francisco want to throw hundreds of millions of dollars at a museum. Talk about excess. While the 1% live lavishly the middle class are being made poor and the poor are suffering like never before. No wonder that Obama is removing the military leaders who say they’d refuse to give the order to fire on US citizens in the streets. He knows the rich are out of control but he’s on their side.

  • thucy

    I always thought the real MOMA (in NY) was revelatory. And you don’t feel guilty going there – NYC public schools are some of the best.
    SF MOMA, on the other hand, is a shockingly cramped, uninteresting affair. It’s just kind of dusty and cluttered. I always feel like I have to take a shower after I walk out.
    The “Town and Country” types who are invested in SF MOMA should walk away… they clearly have no idea what they’re doing.
    Donate their money to the schools, instead. SF children are worth the investment. Today’s modern art? Except for Ai WeiWei, not so much.

  • Richard Alexander Hess

    Quick question: What happens to SFMOMA Memberships while the SFMOMA is closed for 2-years? Are memberships put on ‘hold’ or allowed to expire without refunds?

  • JB sfkoolbrit

    I’m not religious and I don’t attend church, instead I visit SFMOMA for artistic and spiritual enlightenment. The impending closure will create a void for members and regular visitors such as myself and I’m not interested in travelling to the hinterlands to see temporary exhibitions.

    On the other hand I do hope the free student admission proposal comes to pass: to-date I always request two tickets and give one to a student waiting in box office line.

    Finally, I was shocked to see that much of the sculpture collection has already been packed up for removal!

    J A Bickers

    San Francisco


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