In his 2001 graduation speech to medical students at Brown University, doctor and activist Paul Farmer said while science and technology are the heart of modern medicine, “you must add the soul.” Farmer, the co-founder of Partners in Health, which brings modern health care to the poor, has focused much of his career on that hands-on approach to medicine, living among and treating locals in Haiti, Peru, Russia and other countries. Farmer joins us to talk about his advice to future doctors and his new book, “To Repair the World,” a collection of his speeches on global health and social justice.

Paul Farmer, physician, medical anthropologist and co-founder of Partners in Health; his latest book is "To Repair the World: Paul Farmer Speaks to the Next Generation"

  • thucy

    Having worked at UCSF and having traveled to Haiti, I can almost guarantee that Farmer’s operation is creating dollar-for-dollar infinitely more value than the for-profit medical care in the US, which is both the most expensive care, and the least effective.

  • Gi

    He is such a nice humble man. I first heard about him a few years after I started going to Haiti. I’m going to have to get that book! He was encouraging for those whom really really love Haiti. I will have to find out exactly where the new hospital is located and make a visit. Been involved with Haiti since 2002.. Haiti.. the love of my life!

  • Grrrant

    I’ve known Paul Farmer for almost 25 years (when he was a Medical Student at Harvard), as a friend & ally in global social justice activism. I have to say- he is one of the most inspiring and engaging individuals I have ever met. He is profoundly disarming in his candor, humor, honesty and depth of understanding- while being provocative in the challenges he presents- both to himself and to those he encounters.

    I am so glad he continues to push for what is just & right.
    Thank you for having him in KQED’s Forum.

    Grant Wilson
    Santa Cruz, CA

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