On Monday, troubled internet giant Yahoo announced it will purchase Tumblr, the social media and blogging network. We speak with the Silicon Valley journalist who broke the story about what Yahoo hopes to gain from the $1.1 billion acquisition, whether it can increase its appeal to younger audiences and the implications for Tumblr’s loyal user base.

Kara Swisher, co-executive editor for All Things D

  • thucy

    oh, the irony of this segment on a $1.1 billion dollar acquisition of bubblicious internet nothingness… being followed by a segment on the growing poverty rate. Gosh, we really are the worst of the primates, aren’t we?

  • sunnyvale sam

    A website I’m embarrassed to use acquires a website I’ve never used and don’t plan to. And this is news? To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it’s the apps, stupid.

  • F6x

    Why is everyone concerned about the porn in Tumblr but not on Flickr?

    • Fred

      Why is anyone concerned about pórn at all? It’s just the hominid equivalent of Animal Planet. So what if humans have séx organs and like to use them while being recorded?

  • Wayne

    Kara sounds like she is wholly on the side of not just Yahoo, but Wall Street generally. I wonder if she smiled when she saw NYPD cops beating up and bloodying Occupy activists? Maybe she sides with Silly Con Valley’s greed-heads too, who insist on blocking Americans in favor of foreign workers.

  • RS

    I enjoyed this, but do find Kara somewhat off-putting. She sounds annoyed and like she has other things to do the entire segment.

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