Sarah Polley

It was a long-running joke in actress and filmmaker Sarah Polley’s family. Why doesn’t she look more like her father? In her new documentary “Stories we Tell,” Polley tries to get to the bottom of that mystery — while also attempting to better understand her glamorous and free-spirited mother, who died when Polley was 11. But the greatest revelations in the new film involve the nature of storytelling itself. Polley joins us to discuss the film, which is showing as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Sarah Polley, actress, writer and filmmaker nominated for the Best Screenplay Oscar for her 2007 feature film "Away From Her"

  • I saw this last night and thought it was wonderful. There seems to be within all the parents a dedication to film and performance. I’m wondering how seeing the different ways the parents, particularly your mother, had to choose between family and art have affected your own art making. There is a mention that all the girls got divorced after the “truth comes out”… is this related? Love to hear more how you and your sisters re calibrated your lives after hearing about your mother’s

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    If I hear the term ‘real father’ one more time I will scream!!! There is the birth father and then there is the father who helped raise you.

    Being adopted my Father is the one who was there day after day my whole life!! It would be an insult to him to suggest he wasn’t my father.

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