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Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Mark Mazzetti reveals how the CIA transformed from a spy outfit into a paramilitary organization focused on controversial targeted killings. In his new book “The Way of the Knife,” Mazzetti talks about the increased use of drone strikes, and how the U.S. military is taking on more of the CIA’s intelligence and information-gathering role.

The CIA and ‘The Way of the Knife’ 24 April,2013forum

Mark Mazzetti, author and reporter for The New York Times covering intelligence and national security

  • Choley

    Fact: The CIA funded Osama bin Laden when he was fighting the Soviets, to the tune of $1 billion.

    Fact: The CIA overthrew the democratically-elected president of Iran named Mosadek, leading to the dictatorship of the Shah.

    Fact: The CIA helped overthrew the democratically-elected president of China named Salvador Allende, putting a dictator Pinochet in power, who threw innocent people out of airplanes and murdered pregnant women.

    Fact: Evidence suggests the CIA poisoned Hugo Chavez in order to give him cancer.

    Fact: Obama worked for the CIA in Pakistan and his mother was an agent in Indonesia.

    Fact: Today the CIA continues to fund Sunni jihadists such as those in Syria & Libya, and has cultivated relations with those in Chechnya.

    Fact: Tamerlan Tsarnaev was (and may still be if alive) a double-agent working for the CIA and FBI for perhaps the last 5 years.


    • Ehkzu

      One thing the far right and the far left share is being totally credulous about conspiracy theories. I’m sure this fruitloop would believe he has nothing in common with some right wing militia nut who talks like Timothy McVeigh–or all those Middle Easterners who absolutely believe 9/11 was a Mossad plot. But on the process level they’re all thinking the same way.
      You can’t help people like this, for the same reason that it’s nearly impossible to treat mental patients who suffer from paranoia.
      But you can try to understand how and why the human mind has such a proclivity for connecting the dots–whether the dots are in face connected.
      This poor shmoe really needs to read “Inevitable illusions: how mistakes of reason rule our minds” by MIT cognitive psychologist Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini.

      • erictremont

        Well stated. It never ceases to amaze me that despite public radio’s well intentioned effforts to bring thoughtful, fact-based programming to intelligent people there are apparently lots of listeners who have absolutely no interest in the facts.

        • Avery

          Well stated? The fact that you’d call a bunch of Straw Man arguments well stated shows you have a low IQ.

      • Avery

        The above list consists of conspiracy facts that are well documented except for the last one.

        You can resist facts but you cannot have your own.

      • Kurt thialfad

        You must be on the company payroll.

  • thucy

    caller “Richard” elides reality that unlawful drone strikes don’t SAVE U.S. lives – they potentially make U.S. civilians more vulnerable to drone strikes from other countries

  • disqus_hnZJsHTvKF

    While the Cowboys are fighting the Indians, who’s watching the cows? In English – if the CIA focuses on Al Qaeda, et al.. What about the rest of the world. What is going to prevent us being caught flat footed in Indonesia, Central America, Sub Saharan Africa, …

    • Avery

      The CIA funds Sunni terrorists. The CIA *is* Al Qaeda.

  • Richard Seyman

    The greatest fallout from drone-caused casualties is not so much the moderate number of new terrorists created but the much larger number of new bystanders willing or eager to side (cover for) terrorists who will no longer provide information to our side and will more willingly provide crucial logistic and information support for terrorist groups making non-drone CIA efforts even LESS feasible. What would Mr. Mazzetti say about this?

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