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Conservative businessmen Charles and David Koch are considering a bid to buy the Tribune Company’s eight regional newspapers, including The Los Angeles Times. Liberal website the Daily Kos and progressive advocacy group Courage Campaign have collected thousands of signatures protesting the move. We discuss Koch Industries’ bid, and explore how it fits in with the companies’ libertarian political agenda.

Will the Koch Brothers Buy the LA Times? 23 April,2013forum

Hillel Aron, reporter for the LA Weekly
Alan Mutter, media consultant, former editor of The San Francisco Chronicle and blogger at Reflections of a Newsosaur

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    Actually the Koch brothers are Libertarian minded. Do some research and see how much money they have given to the arts, museums etc. Hardly conservative causes.

    • thucy

      They are… kind of. Sort of. But the libertarians at the Cato Institute don’t see them as libertarians, partic. after the attempted Koch takeover of Cato last year. The Koch Bros. so riled Cato scholars that one of them actually endorsed Occupy. From Slate Magazine:

      “The Cato Institute had never been so directly involved in politics. Its scholars had criticized Republicans when they were in power; they criticized Democrats when they started ruining things their own way. But if other Koch-connected organizations were at war with Obama, Cato largely sat it out. When the Occupy Wall Street movement began, Americans for Prosperity (Koch-funded) denounced its “violent rhetoric.” Jim Harper, director of information policy studies at Cato, blogged a Venn diagram and wrote that “to the extent the substance of [Occupy Wall Street’s] grievance is, or can be turned to, corporations’ use of government power to win unjust power and profits for themselves, that’s a grievance I can sit in a drum circle for.”


    • Cathy

      The Koch brothers are extremely conservative. They were the financial backing of the Tea Party. They are very pro-business, think climate change isn’t real and would prefer to strip the government as much as possible. It is correct that they had an aggressive campaign against Obama. One of the brothers had a cancer scare. After that he seemed to have a higher sense of community involvement and started contributing to the arts. But those are private contributions and don’t conflict with their libertarian philosophy.

      • thucy

        Koch Bros. aren’t libertarian any more than Obama is a Democrat. It’s a corruption of the terms to describe GOP Koch Bros as lbertarian, or Obama, who will soon be gutting social security and medicare, as a Democrat.

  • Jerome

    The Koch Brothers Exposed, by Robert Greenwald. (Full documentary)

  • Ben Long

    I don’t understand why you’re saying we can’t have legislation to prevent this. We used to have it. There used to be laws controlling the number of media outlets that a single organization could own. Reagan tore all those laws down – why can’t we put them back?

    • Ayn Marx 666`

      We can’t, because people with a lot of money are better than us, and deserve to run everything for their benefit.

  • Ayn Marx 666`

    ‘Everything is for sale,’ one speaker just mentioned. It’s not completely true yet—one can’t sell oneself into slavery, sell your liver, sell your daughter…but make no mistake, that’s the world the Kochs want:

    They want money to be the sole power in society—voting is meaningless when government can do nothing—because (coincidentally?) they’ve got an awful lot of it. If they were Party members in Soviet times (or China now) born into a family with a lot of ‘pull’, they’d want the Party to be the sole mechanism of value-determination in the world….

  • Goh Whey

    What difference could another biased newspaper bring? Who reads them anyway? Judith Miller convinced us in 2001 that the Iraqi Desert was burgeoning with dangerous chemical weapons. That was the last newspaper I read…

  • William – SF

    Ugh — a possible new platform for more delusional thinking, opinions and monetary persuasion focused on promoting fossil fuels and the slow death of humanity and the planet – great, just what we need.

    (A philanthropic gift does not a good person make.)

    (I’m seriously cracking up about the acknowledgement that giving money to arts, museums, etc. is ‘hardly conservative causes’ — too funny. Just reinforces my bias that conservatives are lite minded.)

  • Cedric de La Beaujardiere

    The notion of a liberal bias in the media is a meme produced by the conservative think tanks. Hasn’t this been studied and debunked? For example: http://fair.org/extra-online-articles/right-center-think-tanks-still-most-quoted/ Mr. Krasny, please don’t let comments alleging a media bias stand as editorial comments, point out such studies or others that your staff can find from more centrist sources. Be careful of conservative think tanks “proving” a liberal bias, or vice versa.

  • menloman

    Red Alert! Someone not Jewish wants in on the media game.

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