San Francisco’s Exploratorium science museum opens the doors at its new location at Pier 15 on the Embarcadero on Wednesday. With three times more space, the Exploratorium will expand its exhibits outdoors into the city and bay. We get a preview of the revamped museum with executive director Dennis Bartels and some of the experts responsible for the museum’s renowned interactive exhibits.

Exploratorium Reopens 16 April,2013forum

Dennis Bartels, executive director of the Exploratorium
Susan Schwartzenberg, senior artist at the Exploratorium
Rob Semper, executive associate director and director of programs at the Exploratorium

  • wmcoale

    Looking forward to a visit! Also, you might check that “More info:” link with the typo (“Photos: Sneak Peak (PEEK)…”

    • Amanda Stupi

      Thanks for the heads up
      We contacted the reporter for that story. She changed her headline and we’ve changed our page as well.


  • J. W. Harrison

    Is the old building, owned by the City, being taken over by the Town School for Boys, a single-sex private school? How can this be?

  • Welshmrs

    Just curious–what is the ‘tiny town in the mountains of Southern Colorado’ that the speaker is referring to in this story (the town that supplied a number of science fair winners)? I’m from Colorado, and would like to know where it is.

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