W. Kamau Bell was a stand-up comedian in San Francisco before Chris Rock discovered him. Now Bell is the host of the FX television series “Totally Biased,” a show he calls “liberal, politically-charged comedy from a 6’4″, 250-pound black man.” W. Kamau Bell returns to Forum to talk about politics, interracial love, making fun of Tyler Perry, and why the Bay Area made him the comedian he is today.

W. Kamau Bell, comedian and host of "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell," founding member of "Laughter Against the Machine" and co-host of "The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture"

  • Diane Bliss

    Chris Rock “discovered” W. Kamau Bell, like Columbus discovered America?!? He didn’t exist before Chris Rock “found” him? LMFAO In both cases, the entity existed prior to *discovery,* they just weren’t as well-known. Perhaps you mean to say “brought them greater acclaim and attention” and in Bell’s case, signed them to a TV deal.

  • Guest

    Hey Kamau – thanks for the great live show a couple of weeks ago at Stage Werx. This may be too early to ask this question but do you anticipate any format changes to your show once it becomes nightly? And if it is too early to tell, anything you’d like to do more (or less) of now that it will be nightly?

  • Mr. Bell is everything that is right with black entertainment. Unlike Tyler Perry, Mr. Bell helps to open your mind and eyes to outside world very few negroes venture out to . Thank you Mr. Bell.

  • guest

    kamau’s material has evolved a lot over the last few years to include more focus on women’s issues and immigration. can he talk a bit about how his views have changed?

  • Lauri T.

    Who does Kamau admire as great interviewers? Love his interview segments on TOTALLY BIASED and hoping they get expanded when TB goes to 5 nites a week in Fall. (PS. He had us ROTFLOAO at New Parish last nite…)

  • steve

    When no black folks are around, white
    men are using the N-word with increasing frequency these last couple of years.
    But only towards ONE ANOTHER, as in “Damn, I called those mallards
    right down on top of you, nigga. Who taught you how to shoot?” in
    the duck blind or at the hockey rink, “Pass the puck, nigga.”
    The word is just too cool for black folks to keep to themselves.
    There’s a bit in here, Senor Bell…

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