British filmmaker Olly Lambert spent five weeks in Syria last fall, documenting the country’s civil war. He spent time with rebels, refugees, and soldiers loyal to the regime. His new film, “Syria Behind the Lines,” provides a rare glimpse inside the war ravaged county. Lambert joins us to discuss the film, which airs as part of the PBS series “Frontline” this April.

Olly Lambert, documentary filmmaker who produced and directed "Syria Behind the Lines"

  • Frankish

    I keep hearing of atrocities committed by the so-called “rebels”, who are actually foreign Sunni extremists brought in by the USA. For instance, besides just killing Shiites indiscriminately, which is an everyday occurrence, a few months ago they killed a Christian man, they chopped him up and fed his body parts to dogs.

    This was in the news overseas, but not in the US news of course since channels like Fox or CNN kowtow to the military industrial complex. (And NBC is actually owned by a military contractor called General Electric, which pays almost zero taxes.)

    See here:
    The USA has gone from ostensibly fighting terrorists to befriending and funding them. Or perhaps the USA always funded terrorists, as when the USA gave $1 billion to Osama bin Laden so he could fight the Soviets, or when he visited a US military hospital just before 9/11.

    • erictremont

      There is absolutely no credible evidence that the U.S. ever funded Osama Bin Laden. Of course, the U.S. did give funds to other Afghan opposition fighters in the 1980s, and then essentially ignored the rise of the Taliban after Soviets left Afghanistan in the late 1980s until it was too late. Are you suggesting that Afghanistan was better off under Soviet rule?

      • Ralph

        The CIA has admitted they funded bin Laden.

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