This week President Obama is set to release his 2014 budget, proposing sweeping cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and fewer tax hikes. The new budget will reportedly include parts of the compromise offer that Obama made to House Speaker John Boehner in December. We talk about what’s in the proposed budget, which is already getting a negative reception from Congressional Republicans, as well as from some liberals. We’ll also discuss how the budget relates to the across-the-board cuts known as “the sequester.”

Michael Shear, White House correspondent for the The New York Times
Kevin G. Hall, national economics correspondent, McClatchy Newspapers

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    It really scares me that we are getting to the point where we will have three people paying taxes to support someone who for whatever reason doesn’t work.

    With a population that is not replacing itself, plus more workers becoming retirement age, how can we as a country afford to support so many non workers?

    Why do we pay such huge welfare payments to big agriculture, big oil and other big businesses?

    Something has to give……………

    • Guest

      I don’t find this scary. It seems much more concerning to me to consider a scenario where we did nothing to affect a safety net. Distributing costs is what a fair and responsible society does. You are right, though: something has to give. That something is us.

    • Bob Fry

      On the other hand, the economy is many times what it was just a few decades ago. Why do we still demand people work until they drop dead? Over the next 20 years intelligent robots/automation will obviate many tens of millions of medium-skill jobs; the work will still be done, just not by humans. As long as only people are taxed, sure, there won’t be enough tax revenue. The American capitalist model is finally breaking apart, and it’s up to the people to ensure a smooth transition. The capitalists themselves will try to keep everything for themselves.

    • EIDALM

      You totally mistaken ,read the above…They stole social security funds to go to wars and give tax cuts to the wall street and the rest of their rich friends.

    • EIDALM

      You are totally mistaken ,socially security has 2.6 trillion dollars surplus ,but both Bush and Obama used the money to waste on wars and give tax cuts to their wall street rich friends


    Social security has 2.6 trillion dollars surplus and all Americans pay into it all of their working life ,and employers like myself pay equal amount for each employee , at some point had near one hundred employees, I have paid hundreds of thousands dollars into social security…Social security is not an entitlement ,it the right of the American people, and it not up to the wall street puppet Obama to cut and give the money to his rich puppet masters.

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