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[Note: Today’s Forum has been preempted in favor of live NPR News coverage of developing events in Boston] On Thursday, the FBI released photos and video of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, the same day that rescuers continued their search for survivors after explosions ripped through a Texas fertilizer plant. We review the week’s news events and look at how the nation is reacting.

David Mark, editor-in-chief of Politix and former senior editor with Politico
Ron Elving, senior Washington editor for NPR News
Amy Sullivan, correspondent for the National Journal and former senior editor at TIME magazine

  • Erich

    This week, activists online proved there were at least 5 people involved in the bombings in Boston, and then the USA’s untrustworthy mass media tried again in vain to spin the facts to claim (yet again) that there was a “lone gunman”. Just par for the course in Orwellian corporatist America.

  • thucy

    Possibly the most under-reported news item this week was the unveiling of the Reinhart-Rogoff fiasco. The most compelling research “validating” austerity measures turns out to have been non-replicable by other economists because Reinhart-Rogoff… was based on an Excel error. A really dumb Excel error. Krugman covers it in his NYT column today:


    I know it’s not as sexy as Boston or gun control, but the R-R fiasco pretty much dwarfs those issues.

    • Larry

      Austerity has never worked. Just look at Germany pre-Hitler. Austerity increases suffering for everyone but the rich and is a form of class warfare, wherein the peasants pay off the debts and fix the mistakes of the rich scoundrels.

      There’s a reason other than Mother Nature why FEMA is building internment camps and stacking up plastic coffins (which yes have been photographed).

      1.6 billion rounds of ammo bought by Homeland Security…

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