In response to nuclear threats from North Korea, the U.S. government announced Wednesday that it was deploying an advanced missile defense system to Guam. We’ll discuss the latest developments.

Gloria Duffy, president and CEO of The Commonwealth Club of California and former deputy assistant secretary of defense in the Clinton administration, during which time she negotiated arms pacts with the countries of the former Soviet Union
Philip Yun, executive director and chief operating officer of the Ploughshares Fund and former senior adviser for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the Clinton administration
Bruce E. Bechtol Jr., professor of international relations at Angelo State University, and president of the International Council on Korean Studies

  • Frankish

    I am so tired of these North Korean twerps. The nations of the world should all gather together and bomb them into oblivion. First the USA bombs them for a month, then Western Europeans for a month, then Eastern Europeans for a month, then Africans can have a go, then S.E. Asians, then Indians can take a few shots, and so on until even San Marino and perhaps Tobago fires one missile each. North Korea is an embarrassment to the human race. They are an example of reverse evolution back into a state of being like idiotic, feces-throwing monkeys.

    • Kelly

      It’s not the North Korean PEOPLE. They’re probably completely oblivious to the whole thing. It’s the leaders that are causing all the problems, same as with any country. To demolish the country because of a tiny percentage of its occupants is a horrifying prospect. That attitude is one of the many reasons why the world hates the U.S.

      • commonsense1234

        The key to the situation is China – they hold a lot of economic cards at their disposal. They could cut off oil in a second and bring the regime to its knees. But the Chinese like having their ‘crazy’ uncle becoming the focus of regional animus, so that the focus is not on them. They also don’t want to have to deal with the millions of refugees that might come across their border in the event of the regime is toppled. That is why they have stationed a lot of troops on their border with NK. We should probably push for more sanctions through the UN (if possible) and blockade the country in order to force the Chinese to intervene.

        • Kahn

          The USA used to have a few crazy uncles of its own. Saddam Hussein comes to mind long ago, Noriega was another, the Goat in Dominican Republic, and these days Israel is that crazy uncle extraordinaire.

    • Marie Smith

      To think of those with both power and nuclear capability as mere twerps seems to me a trifle twerpish,

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    Wasn’t the new leader of North Korea im Jong-un educated in the west?And if so he must know that he cannot threaten without risking great harm to his country. Even China seems concerned.

    • Gary Kay

      A better question might be: Did he even learn anything from education anywhere? Doesn’t seem that way.

    • Marie Smith

      I doubt whether Kim Jong Un makes any of North Korea’s foreign-policy decisions alone – or even at all. He may well be very dim, but I’m sure that his advisers know exactly what they’re doing.

  • pm05

    This sounds so much like W trying to better his father’s presidency! And, look where it got us. We should be very concerned when incompetent/unhinged persons gain power.

  • George

    The reason I don’t think we should be too concerned with North Korean threats is that a nuclear attack would not from a strategic point of view be the most effect way to start a war. How about biological and chemical weapons? Could your panel address those. In my mind those are a much more serious threat and can lead too a much greater loss of life.

  • commonsense1234

    Since the North receives all of its oil and much of their economic aid from China, can’t the Chinese stop the situation in its tracks by simply cutting off these supplies? The Chinese have much more to gain with their relationship with the US and SK than with the NK.

  • commonsense1234

    Given that they are 2-3 years away of attacking the US, shouldn’t take active steps to topple the regime through economic and military means?

  • Dr. Martin Luther King said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Why don’t we just drop tons of food, flowers, and helpful items into North Korea to help the people there, to help empower them to get rid of their tyrannical, crazy leader?

  • Dr. Martin Luther King said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Why don’t we just drop tons of food, flowers, and helpful items into North Korea to help the people there, to help them feel better and empower them to get rid of their tyrannical, crazy leader? Let’s just shower the North Korean people with love and support, let’s help end their suffering. Pull the rug out from under the North Korean leader! And I think all the experts should stop using the phrase “The North Koreans” when talking about the leadership of North Korea. Remember that there are millions of North Korean citizens suffering under an oppressive regime. They did not choose the current leadership. They want to live a happy, peaceful life, secure life, just like most everyone else on the planet. These people ARE NOT their power-lusting leadership.

  • veggiegrrrl

    not to sound like some insane conspiracy theorist but this NK issue must be some wag the dog b.s.—what are they distracting us from knowing?

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