If it seems like childhood food allergies are more common than they used to be, it is because they are: nearly one in 10 preschoolers have allergies to food, and the rate of such allergies has more than doubled in the past decade. For kids with severe allergies, the condition can restrict normal everyday activities like eating out, and often results in frequent trips to the emergency room. But public awareness is growing, and there are promising developments in research and treatment.

Kids and Food Allergies 25 March,2013forum

Melanie Thernstrom, contributing writer for the New York Times magazine
Kari Nadeau M.D., associate professor of allergies and immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine and Lucille Packard Children's Hopsital

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    Cannot help but wonder if its the man made additives they put in processed foods, fast foods, or even GMO issues that are a major reason for the huge number of children with food allergies.

    Do children who are breastfed a year here in the states have food allergies as much. What about vegans/vegetarian children? Sure didn’t see any children in France or Japan who had food allergies.

    • Gowri Rao

      I did breastfeed my second daughter for a year and she has allergies. My first daughter was not breastfed but she doesn’t. We follow a very strict vegetarian diet and that hasnt prevented my daughter from being affected. Also none of us or any of our families have had any allergies

    • AMJ

      I breastfed my 8 year old daughter for a year and a half. I’m a vegetarian and had been so for 10+ years before she was born. My daughter has been a vegetarian since birth. We eat no fast foods and very little processed foods. She has a severe egg allergy and is also allergic to mustard and tree nuts. My daughter started showing signs of her egg allergy when she was 1 month old (exposure in the breastmilk through my diet) with horrible eczema and constant vomitting. She was diagnosed with an egg allergy through skin prick testing at 7 months. Dr. Nadeau (who will be featured on this show) has spoken about genetic/environmental factors (parents and grandparents exposure to environmental toxins) being a possible cause of the food allergy epidemic and that makes a lot more sense to me than some of the other theories floating around.

  • rj

    Is histamine intolerance related to allergy ?

    • rj

      You missed my question 🙁

  • Gowri Rao

    I heard that there are 800 on the waitlist. How are the candidates being selected for the study ?

  • Mary

    What is exactly leaky gut, I was told that this might be a cause of Food allergies.

  • This is a little off topic but I am a 61 year old woman who has developed allergies to first aspirin then nsaids like ibuprofen over the last 3 years or so. This presents as facial swelling and anaphalaxis.I had no food alergies as a child. How do medicine allergies relate to food allergies? And what of later life development?

  • Hi
    In many parts of India babies from day one of birth are given an
    Ayurvedic concoction containing tiny amounts of almond, rock sugar,and some herbs with the dosage increased every week. pure local honey from trusted sources is also fed in very tiny amounts. I Was too young to know the reasons but I can see how this serves are immunizing the baby against everyday local things that the body needs to accept as harmless.
    I would suggest investigating these options clinically and making them part of postpartum care for babies just like vaccines. However, who is know what happens when big pharma gets involved. May be best for parents to know their family history and trusted sources for these ingredients.
    Btw, I do have friends whose children have moderate to severe food allergies as well as environmental allergies.

  • Quincy

    Can you comment on the role of early antibiotics and the alteration on the enteric biome. cf: the role of fecal transplants in reprogramming the immune system.


    What about eczema? My niece has severe eczema that is always affected by foods that she eats. she is 25 months and it is getting worse

  • rj

    You mentioned my question in the forum but did not answer :(. Could you please answer if you have time? Question is “Is histamine intolerance related to allergy?”

  • lonelymoa

    Children that drink raw milk have fewer allergies and are less likely to develop asthma (The GABRIELA study).

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