Mike Tyson

Retired boxer Mike Tyson promises to talk about everything in his one-man show, from biting Evander Holyfield’s ear to his prison time for rape charges. “Nothing is off limits,” Tyson says. The play, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth,” is directed by Spike Lee and runs for three nights at San Francisco’s Orpheum Theatre. The show chronicles the former heavyweight champion’s life, from his days being bullied as a kid in Brooklyn to his struggle with drugs and the death of his young daughter.

Interview Highlights

Mike Tyson, retired pro boxer, former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and star of the one-man show "Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth"

  • thucy

    is Tyson going to tell us what Cus D’Amato was really like, and the nature of their relationship. A lot of people think Cus exploited Tyson.

  • thucy

    “Why am I a boxer? I can’t sing, I can’t tell stories.”

    -Irish featherweight Barry McGuigan

    Mike, I’m glad you’re telling stories.

  • Karen

    So glad you’re bringing your unique perspective to the show, Mike. It really is more interesting for us than watching grass grow…….

    • thucy

      “MIKE! The Kras-ter! You gotta have some vice in your soul!!!”

      that has to be the funniest line any Forum guest has ever uttered.

      KQED: If you don’t use this for fundraising, you’re missing a serious opportunity. I would pledge just to get a kqed bumper sticker with that quote.

      Mike meets Mike, and several thousand older listeners around the Bay Area don’t know whether to change the dial, or just laugh and go with it.

  • Jason

    Can you compare the stage to the ring? Similar feelings?

  • I would like to ask Mr. Tyson: In a life full of missteps and failures, is there anything that Mike Tyson would change?

  • bobzaz1

    Pure radio gold. NPR just peaked.

  • Ani

    This was so entertaining… More than Howard Stern!!! 🙂 How can we listen to it again?

  • Mrs. Eccentric

    “…i feel like i’m at a funeral…’

    outta the mouths of boxers. Can’t blame the host for not following up on the ‘Ms. Givens was sadistic too’, maybe so but Mr. Tyson is heavyweight champion, hello…….

    …since any good host needs both his ears. steph

  • mountain_webbie

    Excellent interview. Well done, Krazter. Insights into the long-term effects of bullying and poverty were important for all to hear.

  • Relative NPR Newbie

    Loved this interview. So very entertaining. Sure it might not have been the most formal interview. So real and live though! Only caught the last half of it. Looking forward to listening to the whole interview. So interesting to hear such honesty. Mike Tyson, I learned a lot of new things about you. Best wishes!!

  • Jay Jean-Hank Ho

    Hey, Kras, has any other guest on Forum ever talked about a “quickie”?

  • This was a masterpiece of an interview! Mike Tyson holds many a great insight on what it means to be a man today.

  • M. Kraz shows his humility and adaptability in this interview. He is a true master of the interview and much more entertaining than “a funeral” or “watching grass grow.” 🙂

  • The awkwardly-worded phrase “prison time for rape charges” doesn’t exactly seem to acknowledge that Tyson is a rapist.

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