Roman Mars produces a radio show and podcast called “99% Invisible” that focuses on design and architecture. But that doesn’t just mean buildings: Roman investigates the history of everything from cul-de-sacs and subway escalators to monks who make beer. Roman Mars joins Forum to talk about how “99% Invisible” went from an underground pet project to a Kickstarter success story, and why fans call him “the Ira Glass of design.”

Roman Mars, host and producer of 99% Invisible, a radio show and podcast about design, architecture and "the 99% invisible activity that shapes or world."

  • egoldin

    No offensive to Michael Kransy intended, but 99% invisible has quickly become my favorite podcast. Roman’s pieces are short, digestible and unbelievably fascinating. He’s focused on design seems to expand the options of topics for the podcast, rather than being a limiting factor. I’ve always wondered, what does Roman think are some other topics that are ripe for niche podcasts? And for such an urban-minded podcasts, I was surprised to discover Roman is a resident of the East Bay suburbs. Why is that?

  • Fay Nissenbaum

    Please repeat the “Tristan blog” site mentioned approx 10:15 am.
    Regarding toothbrushes, for a century it seems, they have been simple straight sticks of plastic or less often, wood. But today, there is a trend toward plastic toothbrushes over-built with grips and piles of non-functional rubbery plastic. You mentioned an expensively designed “fat” one I’d love to see, but we rabble get the toothbrushes made by major manufacturers today – one with rubbery plastic piled on – when ‘green design’ is in vogue. I see a lot of backward steps despite the overused label “green”. Love the topic today.

  • Fay Nissenbaum

    Can you recommend an open source or low-cost software for use at home that us amateur designers could use? I have a handful of furniture designs I’d love to render. Thanks for any tips. Wish the show was a full hour!

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