Former Sonic Youth singer and guitarist Kim Gordon says that since she was five years old, all she ever wanted to be was an artist. Music, she says, was just an escape from the art world. Maybe so, but Sonic Youth’s groundbreaking sound has influenced everyone from Nirvana to Russian-dissident band Pussy Riot. Sonic Youth disbanded in 2011, after Gordon’s marriage to bandmate Thurston Moore ended. But she continues to perform, as well as to create and exhibit her visual art.

Kim Gordon, musician best known for Sonic Youth. She is currently collaborating with guitarist Bill Nace on a project called Body/Head.

  • disqus_RHX43pV9AV

    This woman is the most annoying interviewee that I have ever listened to on your show. She doesn’t seem interested in being interviewed and is coming across as both condescending and bored. Boo!

  • Granted, Kim may not be the best interviewee, but she was very informative. She is a musician and artist, not a professional involved with communications. I have long admired (since 1994) Kim Gordon and the on-hiatus band, Sonic Youth, but knew little about. I appreciate Krasny for having her as a guest as I found the interview to be informative and shed light on her background.

    Also, kudos to Krasny on handling the question, “So when did Sonic Youth come into the picture, or did that transition take place?”. It was obvious Kim was not fond of that question, presumably since she has probably been asked the question too many times, but the reason was simply a case of the question having a boring answer. Michael offered to let her not answer the question, which I felt was great offer. I think the offer allowed Kim to be at ease and she went on to describe the transition to and formation of Sonic Youth (I was glad to hear the story, even if it wasn’t exciting).

    I wish Kim well in her future endeavors.

  • Svetlana

    I think she did a fine job on this interview. Good for her for sounding relaxed, grounded and intelligent. She doesn’t need to fall all over herself to ingratiate herself to listeners. No real fan is going to get pissed about her not kissing the listeners’ asses. And also, good for her for talking about other artists that nobody has ever heard of and should have. I love that she calls herself a lazy feminist.

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