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Univision is the dominant Spanish-language TV channel in the United States, and it’s looking to further expand its base. It recently teamed up with Disney to launch Fusion, the first 24-hour cable channel aimed at Latinos who speak English. Univision’s Isaac Lee joins us to discuss outreach to the booming Latino population, how it tackles immigration coverage and the importance of ethnic media.

Isaac Lee, president of news for Univision
Jorge Ramos, anchor for "Noticero Univision" and host of "Al Punto"

  • Charles

    Univision = same propaganda, different language.
    Better to watch RT Spanish — for a fresh perspective.

  • Chris OConnell

    Regarding the question of objectivity, please be clear that NPR, KQED and CBS etc are not objective, they don’t just present two sides, and even if they did, that would be a bias in many cases.

    American media claims an objectivity in not taking positions, but it is like an iceberg and the position is all that you see. Meanwhile, the massive underwater entity is oozing with all kinds of bias and subjectivity.

  • Yahaira Castro

    I am in support of immigration reform, but as a Latina who was born and raised in this country, I find that Univision does not speak to me. I am interested in immigration reform, but I am far more interested in issues like my daughter’s education, the failure of the banking system, etc. I am not the only one who feels this way. It will be interesting to see if the new channel can integrate people like me.

  • Joyce Alexander

    I would love to watch Univision and other Spanish language tv, but I am not bilingual and these stations do not have subtitles. Why is that? Som many shows look interesting, but I cannot understand what they are saying.

  • Fhatima

    In addition to Jorge’s Ramos’ comments around the issue of immigration reform having to do with equality and some of our foundational American values, we should be clear that the immigration system currently is BROKEN. People cannot come into this country legally and those in line “legally” sometimes have a 20 year wait before they can become citizens. As Rep. Lofgren from San Jose said recently, “With the exception of slavery and the Chinese Exclusion Act, our laws have never barred persons from becoming citizens, and we should not start

  • Rebecca

    As a Latina, please “No more novelas!”

    My question or interest is in learning how Mr. Isaac Lee and the new Fusion programming can be leveraged to increase political awareness and participation among our young people. Some of our youth (the Dreamers) are very active but there is a much larger group that is apathetic and did not vote.

  • Allen Corona

    While Univision has stepped on their news programming. I still find that when there are major events happening, there more coverage about it on CNN Espanol than in Univision. I think that there was more coverage for Jenny Rivera than other world events.

  • LB

    I just heard a comment from a proud American that stated it is not the fault of America for these decades of undocumented people. I too am a proud American but we have to learn of our history – all of the truths. I recommend seeing the movie Harvest of Empire – the untold story of Latinos in America. Being in movie form it couldn’t be too detailed. Please read the book from which it is based from.


  • Danton

    Univision is the equivalent of Fox News. I’m more informed by reading online news.

  • Demographer

    The speakers argue that America is about “equality” so we cannot have 2 classes citizens and non-citizens with different privileges? So someone who just came here yesterday should be immediately eligible to vote and receive all the various publicly-funded benefits? What nonsense! No one makes this sort of specious argument about any other democracy.

    To be “humanitarian” the US has to provide a path to citizenship for everyone who wants to come here,and thereby eliminate a distinction between legal and illegal immigration? More nonsense. Are Japan and Western Europe not “humanitarian” societies because they do not have such an open border policy?. No other democracy is characterized in this absurd way as not “humanitarian” because they do not legalize everyone who wants to move there.

    The last time the US .had a comparable open-border policy (1900-1924) we had no welfare, no Social Security, very low educational levels and very low wages for the working class. Why? Because unlimited labor supply growth keeps real wages low and housing prices high, Is that the sort of society Lee & Ramos want? People having to give up their children because they cannot earn enough to support them as in 1910? People dying of exposure because they cannot afford housing? The US has had stagnant or declining wages for lower-income workers for 30 years now. Legalizing every worker who wants to come here will just make the very rich richer, and those in the bottom half already here poorer…



  • Plain Truth

    Inspired by the last comment about gay bashing on Univision, would Mr. Isaac Lee address the Asian bashing on Latino channels in general, particularly within the historical context of violent history if discrimination against any human being of Chinese in ethnic origin in Mexico. The United States Congress has recently apologized for the Chinese Exclusion Act. Would Univision be willing to take the lead to champion for victims of racial discrimination in Mexico, starting with supporting a similar apology from the Mexican Government like the U.S. Congress made recently?

  • marite

    Other than the news with Jorge Ramos, I find Univision, Telemundo and the majority of Spanish TV/radio to lack quality of content. It doesn’t elevate the audience, and watching naked women, with tons of makeup and little to say is something I’d rather avoid. Isaac mentions there’s women in management and that he is gay, this doesn’t address the lack of good content or the disrespect of women on tv.

  • Francisco Velasco

    It seems that people are asking Univsion to censor it’s programming. I think that Mexicans are very comfortable with gay individuals. A glorified and adored singer and songwriter, Juan Gabriel, is one of it’s most standout individuals born in Juarez. Variety shows are fun as well, they are not NPR, they need to make money and get viewers. To get a good perspective you need to listen to KQED, Univision, and FOX. America is freedom not censorship, they do outstanding and opinionated journalism.

  • ineffablem

    I’m still not sure how our categories work; is it pigment, language continent, nationality, common language, etc. This journalist, keeps talking about people being a fusion and then out the other side of his mouth he talks and differentiates Hispanics. In addition, it is short sighted and selfish of people to leave their country of origin to better their individual life; they leave people behind–who could use their help –and retard progress that might be achieved for the whole community.

  • RobertSG

    Yes, my family immigrated in order to have a better life, but it was done legally. And it did not take 20 years as one commentator alleged. Mr. Ramos correctly noted that “everyone” (or at least many, many people) would like to live in the United States. That is exactly why illegal immigration must be discouraged (such as a path to citizenship). Without some serious control, we will face even more problems of overpopulation such as stress on health care, education, housing, and transportation as well as the natural environment.

  • Kurt thialfad

    The US is not about equality, never has been. The Declaration of Independence states “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men (including wo-mem) are created equal….”. After birth, the inequality begins. We also subscribe to the notion of equal treatment under the law, the realization of that principal depends largely on money, class, and who you know.
    Foreign nationals have a different status in this country, as in other countries, having to do with things like right to vote, serve on juries, and the right to hold office, the right to work, and the right to own property.

  • Antonio Mendoza

    For those of us who don’t like Univision’s programming given their target marketing audience, we can always watch:

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