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“There is no prior period of change that remotely resembles what humanity is about to experience,” writes Al Gore in his new book “The Future.” And he’s not just talking about climate change. Gore explores the six forces he says will reshape our world in the years to come. The former vice president, Nobel Peace Prize-winning environmentalist and entrepreneur joins us in the studio. We’ll talk about the book as well as the controversial recent sale of his cable network Current TV to Al Jazeera, for which he reportedly earned $100 million.

Al Gore: Past, Present and ‘Future’ 12 February,2013forum

Al Gore, politician, environmentalist, entrepreneur, author, co-founder and chairman of the Generation Investment Management and Climate Reality Project, former vice president of the United States and Democratic nominee for president in the 2000 election

  • Yef

    William K Black, who put many crooks in prison when he prosecuted the S&L scammers, explains in the interview below how Al Gore was one of the chief architects of our rigged financial system, which is founded on the obviously false claim that financial fraud does not need to be regulated because it’s magically worked out of the system. This view, which sounds like something out of a mafia movie, was resoundingly proved false by the housing bubble disaster in which the common man got screwed while the banks profited hugely. Al Gore is one of the criminal 1%ers that we the 99% are up against and he is a consummate con man.
    The interview:

    • Guest

      So this is the new Occupy strategy? Canned nonsense on discussion boards day after day? I don’t think that is what 99% of the people need just now. If you want to discuss material broadcast on KPFA then discuss it on KPFA’s discussion board.

  • Chris OConnell

    I love you man! I think back to Earth in the Balance among other things. And I will always remember that This American Life story which focused on the Love Canal statement and how unfairly and vigorously the media, especially the New York Times, bashed you over this.

    In that example, you showed how phony, how reductionist and how misleading the media can be. And the media have been using you to show these things about themselves ever since!

  • Chris OConnell

    Oh, hearing him now makes me quite wistful. To compare him to GW Bush… Oh Lord.

    Al a Gore-y. Allegory.

    Al Gore: an allegory of our political times. Almost like math, but controversial. An era when Republicans cast off data and evidence and that which was obvious became he said, she said.

    • NMirza

      I do not believe it is about Republicans or Democrats. It is about darkness and intelligence.

      • Chris OConnell

        The Republicans are blurring the distinction lately.

        Global warming, pre-election polls, Solyndra, Chuck Hagel hearing, Intelligent Design, Benghazi, Birthers, “Obamacare”, Apology Tour, Torture, Debt Ceiling debacle, “The Surge”, “Ground Zero Mosque”, Treaty on the Rights of the Disabled, etc.

  • Franklin

    There was a Forum program toward the end of last year that discussed Zen and imagining the world with more of these principles. For those of us who connected with this concept (does not need to be Zen-specific, you can fill in the blank with your own descriptor) and are hopeful for a shift in this direction, given Mr. Gore’s vision of the future, does he view this hope as realistic in any sense? Thanks for your insight – great program and great man.

  • Kalpana Thatte

    As a public school teacher teaching middle school, I think that the sale of Current is a very controversial topic to be brought up in a classroom. At the same time, many people, even some of my students, believe that global warming is just an opinion and that there is no valid scientist who will vouch for that. Top it off with the fact that my students discovered the graphs in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ to be skewed and misrepresented. How does Mr. Gore respond to my students? We will be listening today!
    Mrs. Thatte

    • Guest

      People believe all sorts of stupid things. Do you really think they should all be presented to the next generation of students as being intellectually equivalent?

    • Chris OConnell

      Global warming is not controversial Nor is the sale of Current TV. It is just Republicans being their modern fact free selves. There is absolutely no principle (hint: search Fox News and Saudi Prince alWaleed).

    • Simon Chui

      For your students, if they want to know about climate change, should look at the IPCC assessment reports, available for download on the IPCC website. But there’s reading and science involved, so hopefully your students are up to it.

  • Guest

    I would like to thank Mr. Gore for his courage in facilitating the return of journalism to the USA. If critics of this decision don’t have the insight to see that a country like Qatar has more than oil to offer the world, then maybe a few hours watching Al-Jazeera America will help open their eyes.

    • Yef

      But you’ve already stated you don’t want your own eyes opened, since you reject any information passing through KPFA as being suspect, which is a logical fallacy.

      The evidence, which obviously is not your concern, is that Gore is a con man and you are his dupe.

  • Fay Nissenbaum

    What is Al’s position on fracking? This is an environmental issue that could be resolved tomorrow with a stroke of a pen. Poor regions of our nation are being sold fracking as the cure to their economic misery. Who pays for the cleanup? We still have persistent MTBE and Dioxin in our water and land. To much lip service to the environment, and it’s galling that Obama and Congress are not called to account for not demanding action from the ever more profitable oil and gas companies. Obama may sell a liberal vision, but doesn’t walk the talk.
    Fay Nissenbaum
    The City
    PS- any comments on public financing of elections? Special interests have become the ‘electorate’ those in power answer to. The exceptions have eaten up the rule that it is we citizens whose vote matters at the polls. Our elected ones spend their time grabbing at corporate dollars and granting favors like the indulgences Martin Luther denounced!


    Would you please ask Al Gore aot President Obama policies regarding drones and fracking

  • Bill

    How do you explain the fact that all the VC’s will not invest in Solar Energy since Solindra’s failure? Three Solar companies have just closed in the bay area.

    • Simon Chui

      Continued massive subsidies to the oil oligopoly and the influence of fossil fuel lobbies in the government distort the market, making it difficult for solar to be competitive. That, and the US has ceded the manufacturing lead in solar to China through lack of earlier investment, and it will be a challenge to catch up. Persistent unresolved externalities (unconstrained carbon pollution that isn’t paid for by the emitters) also distort the profitability of fossil fuels.

  • Ozzie Zehner

    Question: An article by Dr. Richard York in Nature shows that solar cells do not offset fossil fuel use at all in practice – likely due to their stimulation of economic growth. And, solar fabrication releases toxins and exotic greenhouse gasses that are 10,000 to 25,000 times worse than CO2 according to the IPCC. Are solar cells, wind turbines, and electric cars a distraction from the fundamental challenges posed to the environment by economic growth? Ozzie Zehner, UC Berkeley

  • Steve

    I would like to thank Vice President Gore for using and explaining the concept of positive and negative externalities of markets. Too many
    advocates of free markets seem to lack an understanding of externalities and the need for government to address them.

  • Livegreen

    Mr. Gore,
    –What do you think about Socially Responsible business, and will you be helping to finance this evolution of capitalism?
    –When will China be forced to price the environment into it’s products? The competitiveness of cheap Chinese products is in part enabled by undercutting environmentally regulated Western companies, and putting them out of business by dumping waste into the air and ocean.

    The only way to prevent this is for the environment to be priced into the economic supply chain…

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    Would like to know how someone like Mr Gore can preach about the environment when he lives such an UN green lifestyle.

    A huge house, lots of airplane travel, more than one child, and over consumption in other areas.

    Shouldn’t an authentic green living person live more like green walk the talk, actor Ed Begley Jr?

    • Chris OConnell

      Yawn. An Inconvenient Truth came out over 7 years ago and there has hardly been a day where someone did not ask Al Gore this question.

  • JonDix

    Are you really wasting your valuable air time on this wind bag?

    • Guest

      1) It is OUR valuable air time. 2) The wind bag won a Nobel prize, an Oscar, and the popular vote of the 2000 Presidential election. 3) Does your entire arsenal of critical commentary consist of calling people names you learned in fourth grade?

  • Corruption is but one of ten big unsolved problems in our culture. The others are conflict, violence, oppression, injustice, poverty, ignorance, alienation, suffering, and terrorism.

    All ten of these hellish problems have something in common. They tend to reseed themselves, round-robin, from one instance to the next, in a never-ending cycle of recursion.

    Systemic problems call for a systems approach to problem-solving. That’s not going to happen until we elevate our problem-solving skills to near-genius levels.

    I would like to see President Obama convene a national problem-solving congress, with the best and the brightest systems thinkers our society has to offer, to systematically address, analyze, and solve the interlinked systemic problems of conflict, violence, oppression, injustice, corruption, poverty, ignorance, alienation, suffering, and terrorism.

    Nothing short of that will restore my long lost faith in the system.

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