Rob Corddry

Actor and writer Rob Corddry is perhaps best-known for his stint as a popular correspondent on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Corddry went on to appear in hit movies like “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and he won a 2012 Emmy for his medical drama-spoof “Children’s Hospital.” We’ll check in with Corddry about his career, his new horror film “Warm Bodies” and how his wife taught him how to speak like a zombie. Corddry performs at SF Sketchfest this Saturday.

Rob Corddry, actor and writer

  • Elizabeth

    I know this might have faded from your memory long ago, but I remember a promo that you did for Cartoon Network back in 2001 as an anger management therapist to the villains of Townsville on the Powerpuff Girls. What has it been like working with Cartoon Network and Adult Swim over the years?

  • John

    I’ve seen Children’s Hospital use some controversial/shocking jokes. Is there any material you’ve wanted to use in the show that the network wouldn’t approve?

  • Chris OConnell

    I am turned to stone. It was more like a real machine gun, bringing dread and bad feelings, than a joke machine gun. But comedy is an individual matter of personal taste and my taste is very, very different.

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