Laurie Rubin

When opera singer Laurie Rubin takes the stage, she stares straight into the audience — even though she can’t see a single person. Rubin has been blind since birth, and spent years being told she’d never live on her own or hold a real job. Today, the internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano performs around the world. She also founded her own jewelry line and camp for young musicians. Rubin joins us to talk about her book, “Do You Dream in Color?” and about navigating the opera world as a blind, openly gay woman.

Laurie Rubin, mezzo-soprano opera singer and author of "Do You Dream in Color?"

  • Guest

    I would love to learn more about Ms. Rubin’s work with the camp for young musicians. I attended an orchestral camp every summer during high school (some years ago) and this was a formative and profoundly rewarding experience. Thank you, Ms. Rubin for your song and your inspiring career.

  • Guest

    It is great to find out what’s happened in your life, Laurie, what a surprise to hear you on the radio! I went to Oberlin as well, and spent many evenings in Baldwin over a heated discussion and glass of cheap wine. Glad to hear how well you’re doing–if I followed opera I might have had a better idea. All the best, Catherine

  • Marga Castaldini

    You are soooooo amazing! I will buy your book to learn from you.

  • Marga Castaldini

    When and where is Laurie Rubin performing? I understood Feb. 4th at the Bing Concert Hall at Stanford. I checked the Bing’s calendar but can not find anything in regard to Laurie. Would appreciate if you let me know. Thank you.

    • Greg Kastelman

      Laurie Rubin will be performing a public concert and masterclass at Stanford’s Campbell Recital Hall, February 4th, at 4:15 pm

      Laurie will also be performing her “Do You Dream in Color” concert program at the Smith Center (Ohlone College) in Fremont, CA, on March 9th at 8:00 pm

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