San Francisco’s new $63 million SFJAZZ center opens its doors on Monday. We take stock of the jazz scene in the Bay Area, and preview some of the upcoming acts at the new jazz center.

SFJAZZ Center Opens 18 January,2013forum

Randall Kline, founder and executive artistic director of SFJAZZ
John Santos, jazz percussionist and resident artistic director at the SFJAZZ Center
Adam Theis, trombonist, founder of the San Francisco music collective Jazz Mafia and band leader for the SFJAZZ community band
Mark Cavagnero, architect of the new SFJAZZ Center

  • I am listening to the interview live. The excitement I here about having so carefully created such an unique sonic and community space leaves me with a question: Was the same amount of care given to imagining this community as including those with disabilities? For example, the stage is raised only two feet but is access to it ramped? Will we be able to highlight the SFJass Center as a benchmark in the application of the principles of Universal Design in prormance space?

  • rik panganiban

    So happy to hear about San Francisco getting a world class performance and education space for jazz. But as a lindy hopper in one of the best swing dance scenes in the country, I have to ask if there will be room for dancing? Congrats on the new venue! Can’t wait to check it out.

  • FayNissenbaum

    What I want to hear in Jazz is John Coltrane, Miles Davis, etcetera, especially from the 1950s and ’60s. Latin Jazz is an offense to my ears and hideous hybrids are not far behind. Jazz is BLACK and GREAT. If I wanted flamenco, I’d listen to it. I don’t and don’t expect to find it in jazz. When Miles Davis tried to appeal to ‘the kids of today’ in 1972, the result was a mess called ‘On the Corner ‘. Painful! When you warp Jazz to meet current tastes, be they hip-hop or rock or whatever ethnic politically correct tout you wish to promote, you get a lesser form that appeals to I don’t know who… Keep it real and let the audience find it, don’t pander! It ain’t all about getting people up to dance as is too often seen as a goal for black music…What I love about jazz is its mind-freeing quality, its cooking calm, its pure sonic affect to float me to a better place.

    Daily KCSM listener (who can’t stand diarrhea-mouth Chuy Varela),

    PS- RIP KJAZ-fm

    • Michael Emenau

      Wow, and remember when Miles was trying to appease the masses with “Porgy and Bess” . another clusterfuck recording. Don’t forget the complete failure and embarrassment of Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things” recording….such blatant pandering to the American film industry

      I don’t usually get involved in these online message boards, but man-o-man. you really are quite ignorant.


  • SF Jazz Fan

    Why is SFJazz opening a non-union house? On MLK’s birthday, no less. Come on SFJAZZ, this is SF, a union town.

  • Tony

    Congratulations to all the people (donor’s) that made this happen!

  • kstinque

    I really love that Dave Holland piece you played at ~14:15 (I think it’s his quintet). What piece is that? I’d really love to find that album. Thanks.

  • I travelled from New Zealand to be at the opening. The SFJazz Center is a significant event in the world of Jazz and the creative arts. I hope that this vision will replicate elsewhere. Jazz is NOT a museum of past glories although they are its foundations, it is an evolving, living, creative organism. Thank you SFJC – ‘Jazz Lives’.

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