Lisa Jackson announced on Thursday that she would leave her post as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. We look at Jackson’s tenure at the agency, and discuss President Obama’s record on the environment. And we ask our listeners: What should Obama’s environmental priorities be in his second term?

Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club
Wendy Koch, environment reporter for USA Today

  • Frank

    Anointed stooges like Jackson are given lucrative positions of power solely because it’s a foregone conclusion as to whom they will serve and with whom they will side–it’s always the polluters. These phony “high achiever” types always prove themselves to be tools of industry, aiding the ever-worsening ecological holocaust merely so that companies can make a few percentage points higher profit than they would if they just operated ethically. Seeing how little the EPA has done during Jackson’s term to shut down polluters like the Koch’s brothers’ Georgia Pacific, I’d say the corporations got their money’s worth from her and the American people got shafted again.

  • FayNissenbaum

    Hardly a balanced report today. Jackson has been criticized by environmental groups multiple times, but to hear today’s shallow piece on her, one might assume she’s to the left of Ralph Nader.

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