For years, managers have been asking Jill Geisler where to go for advice on how to improve the workplace and lead their staff effectively. Known for her column and podcasts, Geisler builds on the tools and tips given there in her book, “Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know.” We listen back to an interview with the management guru about her book and her step-by-step approach to improving bosses and work environments.

Jill Geisler, author and head of The Poynter Institute's Leadership and Management programs

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    Great bosses know they should not engage in cronyism or favoritism, that they should never brag about their wealth nor their position, that older workers usually have wisdom to offer that is more valuable than knowledge, that managers should never backstab their underlings nor tolerate backstabbing, and that the workplace should not be run like a reality TV show. Unfortunately the vast majority of bosses are not great, and the Peter Principle is proven across the world every day.

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