If you’re a New York governor who solicits call girls, or a Congressman who accidentally tweets a salacious photo to someone who isn’t his wife, you might need help with damage control. That’s what consultants Mark Fabiani and Christopher LeHane offer in their new book, “Masters of Disaster,” which refers to the nickname they earned while serving as aides to the Clinton White House during the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky years. Fabiani and LeHane discuss the secrets of political spin in politics, business and Hollywood.

Chris LeHane, Democratic consultant and partner at Fabiani and LeHane, and a former aide to the Clinton White House; and he counts among his company's clients: Goldman Sachs, Al Gore's Current TV, Madonna, the NHL and filmmaker Michael Moore
Mark Fabiani, political consultant and partner with Fabiani and LeHane, and former deputy campaign manager to Al Gore during the 2000 presidential campaign, special counsel to the Clinton White House, and counts Lance Armstrong and the San Diego Chargers among his clients

  • Mia

    you mentioned the spouses…how effective is the image of the spouse (pretty much always the wife) standing next to their spouse? I thought it was refreshing to see Jenny Sanford not play the supportive and humiliated wife, what impact did that play in her now ex-husband’s ability to recover from his scandal?

  • Matt

    This isn’t just about guns or access to guns, it’s a larger problem in our society about violence.What drives people to do these hideous acts. And if they didn’t have access to a gun, wouldn’t they turn to some other tool for mass destruction?

  • “Mark Fabiani…counts Lance Armstrong and the San Diego Chargers among his clients”

    I’m guessing that Lance Armstrong didn’t follow your advice…

  • Dan

    I wish it was common to refer to these perpetrators as cowards as opposed to anything that might make them sound valid. There is a twisted mindset that sees this as going out with a bang. Opening fire on unexpecting citizens is not a brave act. It is the work of cowards.

  • and alternatively, whose advice Levi Leipheimer DID follow:

    –Lance steadfastly denies steroid use –and is banned for life– and stripped of all 7 Tour de France medals.
    –Levi Leipheimer (along w/6 other riders) admits steroid use –and
    is banned for 6 months– (retroactive to September 1, 2012)
    along with
    a stripping of all his race results between June 1999 and
    July 2006, as well as results during July 2007.

    Note also how going the admission route also gave Levi a leg up (cherry pick) on selecting the time period involved….thus allowing a portion of his career to shine sans taint.
    Not to mention, he probably got to carve out the time period for his 6 month ban.

  • P.S. Thank you for today’s AWESOME show-I completely and thoroughly enjoyed listening to your interview w/Chris LeHane, and especially, Mr. Lehane’s forthrightness in response to your pointed questions…refreshing.

  • I found this show incredibly disturbing. That it should be a valid profession, condoned by a public radio show, to help someone, say Kobe Bryant, “protect his brand” after assaulting a woman is despicable.

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