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On Tuesday, the U.S. officially recognized the Syrian Opposition Coaltion as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people against President Bashar al-Assad. In return, the group said it wanted “real support,” with weapons and military aid. How involved should the U.S. get in Syria, and could American support turn the tide for those fighting Assad’s government? Or is it too little, too late, as some Syrian groups say?

Fred Lawson, Lynn T. White, Jr. professor of government and government department head at Mills College, and editor of "Demystifying Syria"
Amr Al-Azm, associate professor of Middle East history and anthropology at Shawnee State University

  • loma

    What’s going to happened to Christians in Syria after those terrorist takeover?

  • Ellis


    This was a very one sided discussion. The problem is The United
    States pursuing the Neo-Conservative objective of PNAC (Project For
    The New American Century). What came out of PNAC is described by US
    General Wesley Clark as a “Foreign Policy Coup;” where the US
    would take down 7 countries in 5 years – remaking the Middle East
    to our liking.

    These countries are Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Lebanon, Yemen
    and Iran!

    To not put what is happening in Syria in this context is to be
    disingenuous. The context should be framed by a convergence of
    interests. Where demonstrations – not even uprisings occur that
    matches the list of seven countries; then the US is all for it.
    However; where it does not match our interests, as in Bahrain, we
    simply pay as little attention as possible and move on to the next
    victim country on our list.

    The last three countries standing from PNAC are Syria, Lebanon and
    Iran. So, it is very clear what is happening here. And we (The US)
    will use Al-Qeda or the Green Bay Packers to get the job done.
    Primarily, our troop shortage is due to our imperial overreach in
    Afghanistan and other places we don’t even know about. And it looks
    better to the American People if we have “no boots on the ground.”
    The American People are weary of endless wars, me included. May I
    suggest that we stop the PNAC Project and start promoting peace and

    Thank you.

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