Raised by a flamenco dancer, Yaelisa has been dancing onstage since she was four years old. The Emmy Award-winning choreographer went on to start her own local dance company, Caminos Flamencos, where she incorporates her training from Spain with other multinational influences. Yaelisa and her husband, flamenco guitarist Jason McGuire (aka “El Rubio”), perform in our studios.

Watch a live performance of Caminos Flamencos under the artistic direction of Yaelisa:

Yaelisa, Emmy Award-winning dancer and choreographer and founder of Caminos Flamencos
Jason McGuire, "El Rubio", guitarist and music director of Caminos Flamencos

  • vada Russell

    In an old movie, “Knickerbocker Holiday,” a woman dances with such Flamenco passion that her performance is locked in my memory. Is anyone familiar with that movie and do you know who she might be? Also, a movie I call the Spanish Carmen is marvelous.

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