Rupa Marya

Rupa Marya is a San Francisco doctor. But at night, she swaps her stethoscope for a guitar. She’s the lead singer of Rupa & The April Fishes, a multicultural band that sings in English, French, Spanish and Hindi. Marya joins us to play a couple songs with her band, and to talk about her international influences and what shaped the band’s latest album, “Build.”

Rupa Marya, lead singer and guitarist of Rupa & The April Fishes and a doctor on faculty at UCSF, in the Division of Hospital Medicine
Mario Alberto Silva, trumpeter
Aaron Kierbel, player of percussion, contraptions
Misha Khalikulov, cellist
Safa Shokrai, upright bassist

  • chrisco

    Great stuff. Music works well on the radio, even a talk show.

  • Wonderful band ! Beautiful music, great people, who care not only for the sound, but also for ideas, trying with their means to upraise real values in this world. I’ve seen you once, but I’ve listened your songs a thousand times 🙂 Good luck dear friends !

  • eloquent and beautiful! what an auditory and intellectual feast!
    great interview: “one can call it social activism. i call it just thinking and thinking a lot.”

  • Niketana

    I liked the music but was turned off by the way Rupa politicized it. When asked if her group’s sound fits into World Music, she replied that that’s a genre created by “white people” to satisfy their own psychological needs (or something to that effect). I can’t imagine saying that flamenco, the subject of a more recent Forum, is “just music” or that it doesn’t matter whether it’s Little Richard or Pat Boone singing Tutti Frutti. There are probably white and dark skinned people in other countries who label different genres of modern American music because they represent movements and trends.

    Maybe in another generation calling a band “multicultural” will be irrelevant, redundant. But I don’t think we’ve reached that point yet.

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