Howard Schatz photographs a lot of beautiful people, from ballerinas jumping midair to women swimming gracefully underwater. But his newest book “At the Fights” gets up close and gritty with the bruising world of professional boxing. Schatz photographs boxers’ muscled bodies at their athletic best. But he also goes behind the flashy showmanship by taking before-and-after fight photos.

Howard Schatz, photographer and author of "At the Fights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing"

  • Jolayne

    I suppose it was bound to happen…a program of Michael Krasny’s I didn’t like! This photographer may be famous for what he does but I sure don’t agree with ethics! Woody Allen may be another case in point. He is definitely not a humanist as most your guest are. I guess if this is the first time in 10 years of listening that’s not too bad of odds.

  • menloman

    For such well trod subject matter Dr. Schatz has indeed produced a thing of wonder. For many in the audience the wonder is what attracts him to this thing. Also, the production seems to slight his producer Beverly Ornstein. One person does not do all this work alone.

    In his eagerness to draw out Dr. Schatz, Michael Krasney kept interrupting Schatz’s answers. It had the effect of stepping on a comedian’s punch line. We know you’re smart Prof. Krasney–relax.

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