Belva Davis

Emmy Award-winning veteran journalist Belva Davis is retiring as host of KQED Public Television’s “This Week in Northern California” after nearly two decades. Davis was the first female African-American television journalist in the West, and has covered many of the biggest stories in the Bay Area over the past half century. She joins guest host Scott Shafer to discuss her trailblazing career.


Belva Davis, journalist and host of KQED Public Television's "This Week in Northern California" and author of "Never in My Wildest Dreams: A Black Woman's Life in Journalism" (with Vicki Haddock)

  • Belva, you are an inspiration to any young woman who is interested in pursuing a career in journalism. Please let the listeners know if we can expect to hear from you in digital media (a podcast, a blog, a video blog) even though you will no longer be appearing on broadcast media. I understand your desire to have time to yourself after all the years you’ve given to your career. But at least tell us that you are going to have a some sort of side project where we can still hear from you. An ongoing guest stint on Smiley and West even.

  • Cheryl from Sebastopol

    Born and raised in Sf, I had the most wonderful experience of having my school, Convent of the sacred heart, host belva davis as a speaker in the early 1970s. I recall her message then as one on “you girlsl can do anything you want if you try hard” What a great philosophy for a catholic girls school to share with its students. I have never forgotten it.

  • As someone who had the pleasure and honor of working with Belva at KRON, I can attest to what a class act she is! After all the racism and other obstacles she’s had to contend with, she could easily be bitter and jaded. Instead she is upbeat, approachable and a terrific example to all of us. She also taught me that our mountain range is the “Sierra,” not the “Sierras.”

  • Dorothy Holford

    Mrs. Davis, I’m attending college for the first time at age 55, and as a new journalism student, I consider myself forever indebted to you. Thank you!

  • Ray Lee

    A true pioneer. Thank you!

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