The results of Election 2012 are in. We discuss the outcomes with a panel of political experts, from the presidential race to some of the bitterly fought congressional contests, as well as how the vote played out in Ohio and other states. How did our nation’s changing demographics affect the outcomes?

Chris LeHane, Democratic consultant, partner at Fabiani and LeHane and former press secretary for Vice President Al Gore throughout the 2000 campaign
Bruce Cain, professor of political science and director designate of the Bill Lane Center for the American West at Stanford University
Tammy Frisby, research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and adviser to the Romney campaign

  • Rhet

    It doesn’t matter who wins. The banking crisis is escalating fast and whoever gets in office will face a crisis bigger than the Great Depression, with the USA going off the “fiscal cliff”, gold rising to $5000 per ounce and the US ultimately experiencing hyperinflation like in Weimar Germany. Initially the mainstream media and economists, who represent the banksters, will push for extreme austerity measures that will be implemented but prove futile, because such measures have been shown to never work (e.g. Japan’s lost 2 decades). The only solution is debt forgiveness and the incarceration criminal bankers in jail, which neither puppet (Obama nor Romney) would ever do.

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    Unless Republicans get serious about immigration issues they will lose the Hispanics. Unless older white Republican males rethink comments about abortion and other women’s issues, Republicans will continue to lose.

    President Obama made a lot of promises in the speech he made Tuesday night, that I hope the press holds his feet to the fire on these promises.

    This country is in a mess! We can not have more and more people getting some type of government aid, and not end up like Greece, Spain and other EU countries.How many Wall Street crooks have been sent to prison?

  • Eamonn

    There now needs to be a civil war within the GOP between the Bloomberg Republican moderates and the mad hatters of the Tea Party, and the moderates need to win it. Last night showed that when you pick a fight with gays, lesbians, rape victims, women in general, atheists, Latinos, scientists, teachers, Charles Darwin, journalists, fact checkers, facts themselves, and just about anyone not of pure Aryan stock, you’re kinda narrowing down your potential voting base. The extremist anti-fact strategy has run its course and proven itself to be obsolete. A true moderate needs to be able to win the Republican nomination without first tacking to the right of Genghis Khan.

  • Steve Wilkes

    If Florida goes to Obama, Nate Silver (http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com) will have been 100% accurate in his Math based emotion free predictions. Pretty amazing. Will / should this change the way elections are analyzed in the future? Is gut based prediction a thing of the past?

  • Cal M

    Michael, is not one of the lesser (but important) stories of this election the victory of MATH and analysis over “GUT” & “what feels right”? Nate Silver of 538 (NY times blogger) was eviscerated in the past week by so-called “expert pundits” b/c he dared to use empirical data instead of “gut” to analyze the election. Turns out he was absolutely spot on. Apparently, “gut” ain’t what it used to be.

  • Slappy

    Here’s to the NDAA and the Patriot Act! Let’s raise our glasses to $16 trillion in debt!

  • Eamonn

    The Bloomberg Republicans now need to step up and pick a fight with the mad hatters of the Tea Party, they need to have a civil war in the GOP, and the moderates need to win it. As long as the right thinks it’s okay to demonize entire swathes of their own country’s population, they will be in the wilderness.

  • Michael, here is a question for your guests. When the President pushed the stimulus program Republicans screamed about adding to the debt. Does Hurricane Sandy and the perception that climate change will produce more damaging storms make it easier for the President to introduce a WPA type program to strengthen basic infrastructure in anticipation of more harmful storms?

  • TimR

    May I be not the first nor the last to call for citizens to unite in protest to force Congress to act, to cooperate. We have seen two groups over the last 4 years employ civil unrest. There is a desperate need for the people to take a greater responsibility and protest on the steps of Congress, in the districts of so called representatives, to pressure action and resolution of the Nation’s many problems.

  • Slappy

    Anyone who has voted in favor of Obama for a second term has knowingly voted against our Bill of Rights.

    You can claim ignorance the first time, but this time you are complicit in his crimes.

    • Eamonn

      Let me know when the mothership arrives

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