As voters head to the polls, we check in with Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation about online registration, the increased popularity of mail-in ballots, voting technology and last-minute online resources.

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Julie Small delivered breaking news regarding the $11 million in mystery donations aimed at defeating Gov. Jerry Brown's tax-hike plan, Proposition 30, and at passing Proposition 32, a separate ballot measure to curb unions' political influence. Listen below:

Tips on Last Minute Voting

Utilize Your County Elections Office

What To Do If You Haven't Mailed Your Absentee Ballot

What Will and Won't Invalidate Your Ballot

When Are Your Mail-In Votes Counted?

Kim Alexander, president and founder of the California Voter Foundation, a nonpartisan nonprofit working to improve the voting process to better serve voters
Dave Macdonald, registrar of voters for Alameda County
Julie Small, Sacramento correspondent for KPCC

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    Am always saddened at the number of eligible voters I have encountered who say they wont vote because they don’t know all the issues on the ballot.

    Wish folks would simply know to vote for the issues/candidates you do know about. That you do not need to know much less understand each and every issue.

    There have been times when I haven’t voted for certain initiatives or college trustee candidates. But I have never ever missed voting since I became of voting age.

    • Rhet

      I think people have an innate sense that before they can become informed, they have to bore through a thick wall of media BS to finally reach the facts. Many voters don’t want to take that effort. The 1% wants it that way, of course.

      Of course, if voters would just watch RT (Comcast channel 103) instead of BS-filled CNN/Fox/etc, they’d get at the truth directly with no need to debunk.

  • Rhet

    There is no reason to vote for Obama over a third party candidate.

    Obama is supportive of police state fascists and criminal banksters.

    Romney is supportive of these as well, plus he’s backed by gambling CEO Sheldon Adelson who’s in league with the Chinese mafia.

    As usual, the corporate parties give us a terrible choice who betrays us, and a more terrible choice who will also betray us.

    • Guest

      I am an independent who voted for a third party presidential candidate, but the tone of your comments is totally un-constructive. There may well be every reason to vote for Obama or Romney — they may accurately reflect the values and policies of a voter. If this is the case, then you should vote for them. To rant at people that mainstream parties are just evil reeks of just as much political bigotry as those who say that voting for third parties is a “wasted” vote.

      This is not complicated: vote with courage and faith for the candidate that represents you.

      • Trayvon

        Yes, let us vote then for Greens and the Libertarians.

      • Rhet

        I’m not a fascist or banker, so I’ll vote with courage and glorious heresy NOT for Obama nor Mitt Rommel but for Jill Stein (Greens).

        • Guest

          Just because Lyndon Larouche groupies can draw little mustaches on Obama does not make him a fascist. Grow up.

  • dean liman

    If you abstain from certain elections/propositions (e.g., you vote for every item, but abstain in US Senate race), is your ballot still valid?

    • Yes! You don’t have to vote your entire ballot. You can vote on as many or as few candidates or issues as you want.

  • campfiregirl

    Are there resources for new voters about the mechanics of voting (e.g. Filling out the ballot, sources for non-partisan analyses of measures, etc?)

  • Danielle

    Can you drop off your mail in ballot at a polling place tomorrow?

    • Yes, you can! Just make sure you fill it out, seal it, and sign the outside.

  • Stephen Schmid

    My favorite election site: This is run by the League of Women Voters. You enter your address & zip code, and will be presented with your complete ballot, along with information on each decision, as well as links to outside sources of further information.

  • Guest

    How important is it to keep your ballot “clean” (specifically on arrow ballots)? Do the machines just scan the arrows, or do you need to keep the whole ballot free of scribbles, notes, etc? I sometimes X out the items for which I intend to abstain. Is this a bad idea?

  • Nico

    What was the piece of music played at the end of this topic?

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