More than $350 million has been spent to sway voters on California ballot initiatives ahead of the November 6 election. We’ll look at the money behind the stream of TV ads and campaign mailers. We’ll also get the latest news on efforts by state election officials to identify the source of a mysterious $11 million out-of-state contribution to pass Prop. 32 and defeat Prop. 30.

Daniel Newman, president and co-founder of MapLight, a non-partisan research organization that tracks money's influence on politics
Ann Ravel, chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission

  • Ben

    With anonymity, how do we know whether PAC money is not coming from nonUS sources?

  • Guest

    The only way to solve this problem is to reclaim our public airwaves. We The People own the broadcast licenses issued by the FCC. We should require that political messages be provided in limited quantity and free of charge. Then the need for all this money goes away.

  • greendogdemo

    Right here in Marin/Sonoma 10th Assembly District race, corporate agribiz interests are pouring hundreds of thousands $$$ into the coffers of a first term San Rafael City Council candidate challenging sitting Assemblyman Michael Allen. Allen has a strong environmental and consumer protection record. What this our of District PAC, Western Growers, objects to are Allen’s bills that would provide humane working conditions for farmworkers. As well as protection for wildlife and other environmental legislation. Clearly they see Marc Levine as more amenable to their point of view in this Dem on Dem fight.

    Another point of contention is support for Proposition 37, labeling of GMO products. Allen has been an early and strong endorser. Levine has waffled but refused to endorse. Western Growers, with close ties to Monsanto Corp. is no friend of GMO labeling. This measure is vastly popular in Marin, where GMO crops have been outlawed for some years.

  • laura

    After this election our, we the people, first action item must be to require complete transparency of donations and to get big money out of politics, starting with overturning Citizen’s United.

  • theymightbegiants

    Fix the owned and broken Supreme Court (i.e., CITIZENS UNITED) and the owned and broken state and federal legislatures by public campaign financing *only* and the financially corrupted American system will right itself ln fairly short order. An owned and broken system is what makes citizen originated initiatives necessary for the most part.

  • Ellis

    Prop 35 the Human Trafficking
    Initiative is very similar to the legal regime in New Orleans now.
    These are the “legacy of the Gen. Hooker” proclamations against
    street walkers or even disrespectful women during his occupation
    during and immediately after the Civil War. Today anit-prostitution
    laws further criminalizes a woman who has too many condoms – more
    than one. These women are prosecuted, and put in the sex offender
    data base. The California Prop 35 could even prosecute the families
    of the sex workers as “Traffickers” if the woman lives at home.
    The California Legislators are working on this problem. Let’s let
    that process work itself out. And not listen to some guy with too
    much money. And who obviously wants to further criminalize
    prostitution. Yes, let’s move into the 21st Century and
    legalize, regulate and control prostitution.

    NO NO NO on Prop 35!

  • SlySy

    Almost every proposition on the ballot in California aims to lighten our pockets. I will continue to vote NO on them until I start seeing some fiscal responsibility in this state. I won’t allow them to take my money just so that it can go down the black hole of government bureaucracy or some ridiculous initiative.

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