Wendell Berry

Author, essayist and farmer Wendell Berry has been called a modern-day Thoreau and the father of the sustainable food movement. He joins us to discuss his latest story collection, “A Place in Time,” the tenth volume in his series about the mythical town of Port William. Berry was recently awarded the National Humanities Medal.

Wendell Berry 29 October,2012forum

Wendell Berry, writer, critic and farmer; his latest work is "New Collected Poems"

  • el Mar

    Looking forward to listening!

  • Annabelle

    While it’s true that being a vegetarian/vegan will not end world consumption of animals, it DOES alleviate suffering. Not eating other creatures is the most “affectionate” and loving thing we can do for them.

  • chrisco

    I feel like the questions are just beginning to be answered when, at a pause, they are cut off with new questions. He is in the slow communication movement, as mentioned, and talk radio is not so much. Slow down, Michael.

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