Proposition 39 seeks to close a loophole that measure supporters say gives unfair tax breaks to out-of-state companies. Supporters of the measure say taxing out-of-state companies based on their California sales would bring in $1billion annually and help level the playing field for California companies. About half of the tax money, $550 million a year, would go to energy-efficiency programs and green jobs. But critics say the tax increase will discourage job creation. And, they say, allocating money specifically for green programs is another example of ballot-box budgeting that ties the hands of lawmakers.

Kevin de Leon, California state Senator (D-Los Angeles) and co-chair of the Yes on 39 campaign
Jack Stewart, president of theCalifornia Manufacturers and Technology Association

  • Guest

    If this proposition passes, will it encourage employers with a small footprint in California to shut down due to steep tax hikes? How will it affect companies that sell equipment to California companies for use in other states?

  • campfiregirl

    What evidence is there to support the contention that this measure will hurt jobs? Are there any independent studies?

  • MDRedemer

    Until the governor and legislature really addresses the outrageously expensive public pension program state tax payers should not be expected to do anything that allows Sacramento to extract more revenue from individuals or businesses. Recent changes were only window dressing

    • Steven Maviglio

      $60 billion in savings is “window dressing”? Even Howard Jarvis Taxpayer of the Year/pension expert Marcia Fritz said they were major reforms. And besides, taxpayers only pay for a small part of pensions.

  • Steven Maviglio

    The independent Legislative Analysts Office has a study on this measure that says it will CREATE 40,000 jobs.

  • kitty litter

    Quaotations of chairdancer meow “I never met a big spender I didn’t like” AKA Kitty Litter

  • why you people are so stupid why you don’t want to help your state by let Mitt Romney pay more tax to help California .you all benifit from paying tax it help ever one in C.A .you all benifit from paying tax os dont let me have to go down the line what benifit you get and you can not do with out them .so you want stuff from the government you have to pay for it .

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