Supporters of Proposition 31 say the measure would provide badly needed reform and transparency to Sacramento. It would switch California to a two-year budget cycle, require performance reviews of state programs and limit certain expenditures over $25 million. But critics say that Prop. 31 is poorly drafted, will waste taxpayers’ money and create new layers of bureaucracy. Do you think state government needs to be reformed? And is this the right approach?

James Mayer, executive director of California Forward, a bipartisan public interest effort to bolster democracy and improve the performance of government in California
Tom Adams, board emeritus and former president of the California League of Conservation Voters

  • Bob Fry

    As a state worker I’ll be interested in this. Given the Legislature and Governor deliberately don’t generate accurate budgets for even a few months, why would a 2-year budget help? And performance reviews? Please, any state worker with a couple years experience knows how to justify their project…agencies will just waste more staff time to justify themselves periodically.

  • Steven Maviglio

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