First 2012 presidential debate

President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney stepped into the ring Wednesday night for the first presidential debate. A recent poll showed most Americans think Romney is the underdog. How did he and Obama fare? What were the night’s highlights? And did we learn any new details about where each candidate stands on taxes, budget cuts, health care, or how to make Social Security sustainable? Join us for in-depth analysis of Wednesday night’s debate in Denver.

The First Presidential Debate 2012 4 October,2012forum

Bill Whalen, research fellow at the Hoover Institution
George Lakoff, Richard and Rhoda Goldman distinguished rrofessor of cognitive science and linguistics at U.C. Berkeley, and author of "The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic"
Joseph Tuman, professor of political and legal communications at San Francisco State University, and author of "Political Communication in American Campaigns"

  • Rhet

    The Obama puppet had a vacuous and phony “debate” with the Romney puppet in which no issue that is central to the worldwide economic crisis was discussed. They expressly excluded from their talking points Obama’s failure to bring charges against the thousands of criminals on Wall St whose fraud caused the global meltdown. The Romney-puppet, who so eagerly betrayed the American people by sending jobs to China, is now being funded by the same Wall St banksters, as well as of course by Zionist mafia kingpin Sheldon Adelson. In short, another sham debate as predicted.

    • marte48

      This kind of argument was made by Ralph Nader, and gave us Bush as a result.

      • Please quit blaming Nader. Nader had nothing to do with Gore’s refusal to ask for the recount across all counties of Florida.

      • Rufus

        Jeb Bush’s removing 90000 Democrats from the voting rolls illegally is what gave us Bush.

        • marte48

          OK, so there IS a difference between Ds and Rs.

  • Slappy

    Doesn’t matter who won, we still lost.

    There, I just saved you guys an hour of pointless discussion.

    • Carol

      The discussion went over my head. What is Dodd Frank? What is Boles Simpson? I really don’t care. I can look it up. I don’t need a lecture during a debate. I DO care that Romney steamrolled over the moderator and “took charge.” I’ve worked for guys like this. They send the message, “I matter, you don’t.” I don’t want such a bully running the country. So much for reaching across the isle.

      • Just remember Google is your friend. And I’m sure you know what Google is. Also there are archive audio programs on kqed explaining everything that went over your head. I’d say listen to these programs, because it’s important.

  • Michael, I hope you will comment on the best non-fiction product placement ever in this debate brought to us by Anheuser Busch (A-B) Beer. A-B is the leading donor to the private corporation that runs the debates and the A-B eagle logo was used center stage as the logo for the debate. Isn’t it about time that the debates were returned to the people with a truly non-partisian public organizatoin running them? See the book “No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the
    Presidential Debates.” by George Farah who would make an excellent guest on this topic..

  • bette

    I wish Obama had painted a picture of ‘RomneyWorld’. No tax increases means expenses pushed to individual, fewer gov’t programs, no Medicaid for future, more environmental damage, dirty enery, etc etc. Please convince us how scary RomneyWorld would be.

  • For the record, Big Bird was not happy at all with Mitt. Cookie Monster, Oscar The Grouch, Count von Count, Abby Cadabby, Grover, Bert, Ernie and definitely Elmo all support Big Bird! This message was brought to you by the letter O.

  • Sara

    One thing that frustrates me is that the Obama campaign is missing an opportunity to take lemons and make lemonade – “Obamacare” is being used as an albatross of a label – but it’s a great achievement! For the first time millions are covered – I wish Obama would take the “Obamacare” label as a badge of honor and own it, taking away an issue from Romney – why doesn’t he do this?

    • marte48

      He actually said last night that he liked the term Obamacare.

  • Guest

    Big Bird was very unhappy with Mitt, so was Cookie Monster, Oscar The Grouch, Count von Count, Abby Caddaby, Grover, Ernie, Bert and most definitely Elmo! This was brought to you by the letter “O”!

  • The debates had the best non-fiction product placement ever with the Anheuser-Busch eagle logo used as the backdrop centerstage. Anheuser Busch is the largest donor to the private corporation that runs the debates and it clearly paid off for them to get their logo so prominently displayed. When can we get the debates run by a public non-partisan organization that is not controlled by the Republicans and Democrats?

  • Romney knows how to tell his lies with a straight face. This is the classic and most basic tactic of propaganda. What I don’t understand is why Obama didn’t come back with the obvious fact that his administration did not achieve his jobs goals and deficit reduction goals BECAUSE the Repulicans voted against his proposals for jobs and revenues.

  • Robert Morrison

    It is going around that the debate was won by Goldman Sachs. With neither Democrat or Republican candidate winning and the general public losing.

  • Chrisco

    I am really not seeing the analysis. I did listen to the first hour of the debate on the radio and saw the final 30 minutes on TV (really the internet). I thought Obama was fine. He seemed articulate. He seemed on point and eloquent. It seemed like a debate meant for long, reasoned discussion and not sound bytes or zingers. I am NOT saying Obama won, but he seemed to hold his own just fine. But obviously I am in the great minority on this altough, no doubt there is some media groupthink going on.

    • marte48

      Obama definitely did better in audio than video. His body language was awful.

  • jim

    Obama missed a golden opportunity when Romney, in discussing Medicare, said that all current and near retirees would not be adversely affected by his proposals, and thus “can stop listening right now” (or something like that). Obama should have pounced and used it as yet another example of Romney’s cold view that the only thing any of us should be interested in and focused on is what’s best for us, as individuals, and that we can tune out and ignore the plight of anybody else, whether the 47% or, in this case, everybody else (whether family, neighbors, or just fellow Americans) who is NOT among the particular grandfathered group.

  • Chrisco

    Credit to the debate format and Jim Lehrer for doing a fine job. Kind of amazing that there would be 2 minute answers to a question and then a free flowing follow-up 11-minute conversation.

    No credit to the media and pundit class for craving the jabs and the right hooks, and the rope-a-dope moves, and other horse race type issues. “Spare me the substance,” you all seem to cry.

  • Carrie

    Did anyone notice that Romney did the flip flop again. He has pulled the right of the party for a year and last night he went straight to the middle. Classic Romney. Obama needs to jump on this. How can you trust Romney

  • chrisco

    Bizzaro world conversation.

  • The only way I can see how Romney might have won is if you ignore how he pretty much said the opposite of what he’s been campaigning on. I watch both CNN and MSNBC and apparently we saw different things. It felt like the commentators broke the debate down into sections and if Obama didn’t respond to an incorrect statement, that he had already responded to earlier, then he didn’t respond at all. Take the healthcare debate. Obama explained in detail about Obamacare in the beginning of the debate and anybody with a dvr would know that. When it was mentioned again Obama elaborated on what he did in Obamacare and medicare, like extending the life by 8 years and closing the doughnut whole but he didn’t try to repeat it. I noticed Obama smiling and laughing during the debate as well. This happened a lot and normally occurred when Romney said something that when fact checked would be proved wrong. Obama didn’t have time to respond to all of the flip flops without being disrespectful to the moderator. When I heard Tessla motors mentioned as being a failure, I found that odd since I heard on NPR that Tessla was planning build more affordable vehicles. Also there is 3 more debates, and I’m sure in the next one when the candidates are allowed to interrupt, unlike last night, we will see a change. Finally as far as the presidents posture, he seemed the same cool president I’ve always known him to be. It’s also possible because Romney looked like he had a cold could be another reason why Obama let up on him and the fact he didn’t want to come off as an Angry Black Guy as appose to an Angry White Guy. At least Obama got Romney to double down on the voucher system as well refusing any revenue. Now if only Romney would explain his plans because he didn’t last night…

  • As a debate coach Lakoff is spot on. But the Obama campaign is not reading Lakoff’s “Little Blue Book.” Lakeoff is absolutely correct that this “debate” is a show not an Oxford debate.

  • Jim Leher is a terrible debate moderator. He has never been a good moderator in any of his debates.

  • Rachael

    I really wish more focus was directed at Romneys position on moral issues like abortion and womens rights, etc. Too much time was dedicated solely to the economy, and unemployment. Everyone says they have the better plan for the economy, I’d like to hear more about other important topics.

  • Red Poppy

    Years ago when I came to this country for pursuing advanced research, one thing that struck me here was how some people could talk so much and look smart, without having any knowledge about things. At the seminar one would feel , ‘wow that was great talk’, then you take 2 sec to think over, and you realize they had absolutely nothing as results, but they spent the whole time farting….confidently.
    That is how I feel about Romney’s performance.

  • chrisco

    I think the analysts are being ridiculously shallow and condescending towards the citizens. We might as well be at the Coliseum watching the Lions eat the Christians. Apparently that is what you think we want. God forbid we citizens should be edified. God forbid we don’t hear about the 47%, or who “built it”. God forbid we not be entertained and dumbed down.

  • discostu

    I know that appearances are important and it appears like everyone is saying Romney was better, but on the substance I saw Romney tell a lot of lies because he really wants to be elected president. 1) No such thing as clean coal and coal isn’t being crushed by regulation, it is being crushed by natural gas 2) No Romney, your plan doesn’t cover people with pre-existing conditions (see below) 3) Lowering the tax rates by 20% does in fact cost ~$5 trillion.

  • marte48

    Romney suddenly sounded like a Democrat. Why didn’t he say any of this during the RNC?

  • marte48

    When he referred to “trickle down government” was he including social security and medicare?

  • marte48

    He was careful to say that he would not LOWER taxes for the upper class. Was he appealing to the middle for a change?

  • Eamonn

    I nominate Jon Stewart to moderate the next debate.

    • Stewart would be better than any of the moderators chosen by the campaigns. Remember, the private corporation that runs the debates do not choose the moderators, the campaigns choose the moderators.

    • I second that, and would add Colbert

  • bernard

    The president should have pushed harder about Romney’s magical thinking on repealing Obamacare but leaving the good stuff in place and tax cuts that don’t increase the defecit. etc

  • Steven

    what we the people need to see through these debates is to see why this man want the office. For Obama, I feel, he genuinely wants to make world a better place, for Romney, I feel, he is in it for glory and money.

  • chrisco

    Why do I keep thinking of this Bob Dylan quote: “Name me someone that’s not a parasite and I’ll go out and say a prayer for him.”

  • chrisco

    Theme of this show as expressed by one of your guests: Perception Trumps Reality.

  • Ellen

    How did Democratic fiscal policy get labelled as “trickle down”? Obama was too conciliatory–nodding when Romney spoke, instead of holding his own. Lehrer was terrible–Romney bullied him, and Lehrer let Romney get more air time, and rebut Obama’s comments, but not vice versa.

    • TfromSF

      Exactly! Classic guerilla warfare. Now Romney owns the “change agenda”, and he got to accuse Obama and the left of basically being Republicans: trickle down, undemocratic, cronyist, out-of-touch, and bullies who just push unpopular, extremist policies down our throats. Time after time Romney snagged the talking points first (liberty, small business, job creation) and repeated the stereotypes that Obama is just a money-wasting, big gov’t, no business sense, job killer, and Obama barely fought back. The debate made it sound like Romney was the champion of the uninsured, working class, and elderly!

    • Jerzy

      reach for Economics 101 to learn about trickle down concept.

  • Laura

    Why is everyone commenting on Obama’s angry or flat affect? I didn’t even notice that. What DID however stand out to me was Romney’s smug smirk!! I thought that was going to be the topic of conversation!

  • marte48

    Romney would definitely inherit a better situation than Obama did.

  • Romney was clearly on the attack asying “you” at the president, “you failed”, “you didn’t reduce the deficit”. But Obama never came back with “I wanted to reduce joblessness but you voted against it.” “I wanted to reduce the deficit by raising revenues but you voted against it.”

  • guest

    So many excuses for Obama’s poor performance! Sour grapes anyone?

  • eileen

    Can we count the lies spilling from Romney’s mouth? The Republican’s simply repeat ad nauseum lies and the Dems do NOTHING!

    • Really, the failure of the Dems to respond is sickening and is why I won’t vote for them.

  • Lakoff has studied propaganda techniques an knows his stuff. But Obama is not listening.

  • Guest

    Asking who WANTS the job more is a total red herring. I don’t hire my president based on whether he wants the job, presumably that is what the campaign process demonstrates. I hire a president based on: intelligence, ethics, and ability to communicate because their job is to think critically, behave honorably and speak effectively. Why have Americans become so shallow? (Sorry George, I don’t need a total stranger to “activate my values”.)

  • marte48

    Obama’s body language showed his disappointment with his own performance. He wanted to do so much more, except that the starting line was pushed back 10 years by the Bush administration. Romney is not ashamed of HIS performance, even if it did nothing for the 47% – or 99%.

  • marte48

    All Romney did during the RNC is smile and wave.

  • Mike

    It’s silly to define a winner or a loser regarding policy. The two plans are as different as night and day. Viewers should choose the policy they prefer not the candidate with the best personality.

    • Doodles

      I see I’m in the minority, but I thought Obama was pitch perfect. He was calm and measured yet he brought up things like Romney’s cluelessness in advising a future college student to borrow money from his parents. He talked about the illogic of Romney’s tax plan, but not in a heated tone. It would have been so easy for a sitting president to come off as dismissive, arrogant, or condescending. He was believable when he said he has been fighting for the middle class and said he would continue to do so.

      Romeny finally shook the etch-a-sketch and improved his standing. Romney did very well compared with Romney in sounding like he believes what he is saying. I guess I’m the only one who noticed his red face and tone of desperation late in the debate.

      Does anyone rate substance? Evidently not according to the tedious pundits who struck me as a bunch of black shiny crows going after breadcrumbs. Someone made the interesting comment that there would be a very different impression if one read a transcript of the debates. Hello?

      I’m weary of the media treating the presidential race as a sports event and covering who is up and who is down, who fundraised more last month, but little about the substance of the candidates’ positions including the truthfulness. Even sports language is used. The candidates “spar”. They were in the “ring” together.

      • You saw the same thing I did. The problem is people still think Obama can walk on water and so should be able to answer every single question that was brought up over the past 4 years. People don’t appear to care what the substance was, only that Obama didn’t throw enough zingers. When I listened to the debates on NPR it was obvious Obama was making a fool of Romney, but when you see them in person, you see a cool Obama and a Romney that looked like he was about the fly off the handle. You don’t need to act like you had 5 cups of coffee just to get your point across.

  • TfromSF

    My favorite lines from Obama:

    “…does anybody out there think that the big problem we had is that there
    was too much oversight and regulation of Wall Street? Because if you do,
    then Governor Romney is your candidate.”

    “And at some point, I think the American people have to ask themselves,
    is the reason that Governor Romney is keeping all these plans to replace
    secret because they’re too good? Is — is it because that somehow
    middle-class families are going to benefit too much from them?”

  • Texas

    Is there concern that if Romney wins the election the Mormon Church will be running the country?

    • No. People learned with the election of Kennedy that the Catholic Church didn’t take over.

  • Chuck

    Niether candidate provided a solution for getting us out of our current economic crisis. Obama’s solution is to do more of the same, while Romney wants to revert to trickle down economics. Wow, we are doomed if people keep voting for these jokers. If you want a corporate/ police state then vote Democrat and Republican. If you want a government FOR and BY the people then vote third party. Two time New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is running on the Libertarian ticket, Dr Jill Stein is running on the Green party ticket, and Rocky Anderson of the Justice party. 310 million people in Amerika and Obama and Romney are the best we can do?? As Albert Einstein said (paraphrase), The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    • Wow Chuck, I know you where listening to the debates, but it doesn’t appear you paid much attention to the past 4 years, otherwise you’d know most of what Obama wanted to do to help the country, like that 2011 Jobs bill that’s still sitting in congress, have been all blocked by Republicans. They’ve used the Filibuster so many times, you should be intimately familiar with it by now.

  • Did anyone else notice Romney furtively and furiously fold up and carry off his notes as soon as the debate concluded?

  • Jason

    The speakers mentioned that Obama didn’t mention the 47% and Romney didn’t bring up “You didn’t build that”. Was that pre-negotiated by the campaigns?

    • Probably. Almost everything about the debates is pre-negotiated i moderators.

  • I’m still disappointed that the Anheuser Busch logo being used as the background logo for the debate was never mentioned. Anheuser Busch is the larges donor to the private corporation that runs the debates so the choice of the eagle logo was no coincidence.

  • Omertà

    The fundamental difference is Obama wants to move AMERICA forward and Romney only wants to move ROMNEY forward. Every difference in Policy springs from that. The debate only showed that he was in training for a long time while the president actually was working on foreign policy . The format and th elayout conveniently managed to exclude every important social matter that could change the perception of America globally and be of highest impact to the country. The supreme court is potentially having changes in the next 4 years ….Romney wants more wars , peace is not profitable for him …he wants more money into pockets like the Koch brothers. There is more to this conspiracy. Hence he dodged every real question with the only thing he had rehearsed that went against the presidency. I hope American Voters are smart enough to see through his fluff and blowing empty horn.

  • Vote doesn’t change

    Pres. Obama appeared tired but that’s no excuse. I hope he steps it up. Romney on the other hand, twisted figures and denied statements I copied months ago. Therefore, I checked the Fact Check sites to verify.

  • Kathleen

    After listening to the one hour forum program on the debate, i feel so dissatisfied – the discussion seemed so much about style, so little about substance. And the lies, distortions, half-truths that Romney constantly threw out – I’m dismayed that this was not addressed. At one point in the debate Romney said to Obama something about his five sons, and how he has learned that they constantly say the same untruth and it becomes truth – I had to laugh out loud – Romney’s sons obviously learned this “skill” from him.

  • Berkeley Moderate

    Romney successfully
    used his own greatest weakness against Obama – that of a surprise attack. By using such a high-profile venue to shift to
    the middle without prior warning, Romney took Obama, his team and us viewers by
    surprise. It is clear that the Obama
    team had not anticipated such a move and had not prepared the President for it.
    What the pundits are calling a weak
    performance is what we should have expected from Obama last night. It is in his nature [no-drama Obama] not to
    react to a startling domestic or world event without mulling each event over
    and making a considered response. It is
    exactly the right instincts that we need in a leader who has to deal with very
    difficult issues on a daily basis. If
    Romney is elected president, he is likely to make the same kind of gaffs to
    crises that have marked his campaign thus far.
    Yes, Romney did very well in a highly practiced performance, but that is
    not what the job of President of the United States requires.

  • Jerzy

    Romney has won hands down. He went for the middle by clarifying what he stands for, shown passion about the future of our country, appeared prepared and ready. President in a contrary could not put his show on a road. Started on a wrong foot with personal note, that should not be there. Could not catch Romney at short comings and misconceptions such as (repeated at least 3 times) “I will lower tax rate for middle class and lower exemptions and deductions”.
    If, you lower exemptions and deductions at the same time as you lower tax brackets you will end up potentially at higher effective tax rate. That simply means higher taxes for the middle class. President missed the opportunity to counter attack about Tea Party and Republicans in Congers and Senate not willing to work with him at any rate. Their position “our way or the high way” is the reason President had no option but to push “Obama Care” on Democratic votes alone. Romney s accomplishments would look so much smaller. The most unexplained behavior by the President was to constantly look at his notes appearing unprepared, not ready and after 4 years in office less confident. Obama can do better much better but must relay on his own thinking and not follow the script. Whoever was responsible for the strategy duped the President from the beginning to the end. I can only wonder if that was the plan.!!!!

  • Suzanne Shipley

    Did I hear wrong, but when Romney started talking about all the waste in govt. and how he was going to eliminate wasteful spending he looked right at Jim Lehr and said how he was going to get rid of the
    dollars going to Public Broadcasting and then he said “sorry Mr. Lehr”.
    It went something like that.

  • I was thoroughly disappointed with both Romney and Obama.

    Romney for his overnight changes in positions, outright misrepresentation of facts and the rather uncivil personal jabbing and bullying. This is not how one debates. And this is not a person I can look up to or trust to manage the governing of my country.

    Obama for his lack of passion that belied his conviction in his own beliefs and track record (which, I’ll admit, has its share of successes and failures). I am glad he did not get arrogant or bullying like Romney but I wish he’d held his head up high and given us a more compelling narrative about his vision (which is more substantive than Romney’s). I thought this during his DNC speech and it came to me again – it just does not seem like he wants a second term. Yet, his campaign folks (Jen Psaki, Stephanie Cutter), kept telling us that he wanted to use the opportunity to talk directly to the people and delineate the clear choice we needed to make.

    The people are not happy that 2 powerful men stood up on that podium last night and not one of them can be held up as a shining example of leadership based on their performances.

    • I think you was trying to see something that wasn’t there. Obama explained his polices in detail the first time it was brought up. Just because Romney kept repeating the false accusations doesn’t me that answer Obama had already given was now null and void. There was only 2 hours and if you noticed, the moderator didn’t even get the chance to ask all the questions he had planned. The first 15 minutes they are already behind schedule. Obama didn’t need to go overboard with compassion. I just wanted the facts which was what he gave me. He also set Romney up to that Romney, in his frustration, owned up on things he had been dodging in the past. Like this new voucher program him and Ryan and to introduce, or the fact that he wont accept any new revenue. I find it hard to take someones word that they will work across the isle when you are already stating you will not accept new revenue when everybody knows it’s needed.

  • Jerzy

    Who does censorship at KQED?
    It seems all comments are nicely organized according to some particular way of thinking, would you call it a media bias?
    Would you please stop doing that and let people think for themselves for a change.

    • That’s the thing. Most people that do think for themselves and are interested in the facts or have knowledge of the facts come to KQED. People that aren’t interested in the facts tend to go to other media organizations like Fox. You can’t blame KQED, just because their fan base is more knowledgeable and have been paying attention and so understands how Romney said the complete opposite of what he’s been running on…

    • KQED_Forum_Intern

      We moderate questions every week with the goal of ensuring a healthy, lively and civil debate and conversation. If any comments are not appropriate (such as personal attacks on fellow users, and or completely irrelevant to the discussion) we do reserve the right to remove them. However the comments that you read are presented in the order they come in and we certainly do not censor any comments with political bias.

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    NPR tends to be left of center so I would be surprised to find many Romney supporters here.

    Romney did well when one looks at body language and dress. Romney came out wearing red white and blue and smiled a lot and looking at a split screen I saw where Romney always looked at Obama, whereas Obama looked down and made unattractive facial expressions. And Obama simply looked horrid physically.

    Remember Denver is where in 2008 Obama came out onto a Greek themed open area like a god, where he promised BIG things, which suggested to me that he was way over his head. When (MA-D) Tip O’Neil was Speaker he and (R) President Ronald Reagan met on a regular basis and worked well together.

    Lastly. I think Obama has been around people who have never told him hard truths. Like he isn’t special. He has this attitude that he is special and that no one should tell him he isn’t special. Like he was owed the office of President.

    Whereas Romney came out with the attitude that he understand being President is damn hard work and he willing to do the hard work. You don’t get to great success in business unless you are willing to do the hard work needed.

  • Euro
    Presidential Debate 2012: Obama, Mitt Romney Face Off

  • Ken

    Whatever Mitt Romney had to say to win the presidency, I just don’t buy it because what he said about the 47% of the Americans during his fundraising is a blow to the middle class people like me. We are not victims, we are victors among our family, friends and associates thriving everyday to make sure our families lives are financially secured. I have see people working relentlessly day and night, How dare he say that when he actually wants to be our leader. It is very clear that he is fake in the sense that he will make good use of his president power to do as he please favoring the richest of the rich. At first, I wasn’t buying it when President Obama was talking about failed same old policies. But now there is the evidence. When President Bush was in office, I felt the worst feeling about America. He underestimated the terrorist threat against his own country, then went into a war for nothing and lost billions of tax dollars. If he could have captured Bin Laden, then it might be worth something, but he didn’t. The person who got Bin Laden is President Obama. Then the economy got out of control under Bush and he just have to leave it right there. Bill Clinton left the country will a good economy but Bush wasn’t able to make it better. Instead he made it worst. Now in 2012, the GOP is saying how President Obama is driving down the middle class and the economy still in bad shape. Well yes, but President Obama is at least trying to save the economy and not going into another unreasonable war. He already told the American people that the path is not going to be easy, but I do see progress taking shape gradually. He is not a god or a magician who people can expect miracles to happen. The president alone cannot tackle all the issues. The American people must join hands in helping the President achieve goals instead of waiting for him to do everything. This is a national matter and every American has a responsibility to save this nation. Forget about Romney, he doesn’t fit at the federal level. I would rather see speaker of the house or Mitch Mcconnell run for president than Mitt Romney.

    • Slappy

      If Mr. Obama is trying to fix the economy, why didn’t he have Mr. Holder punish the people who had a hand in ruining it? Why didn’t he publicly call on Congress to give the bailout money to the people instead of Wall St.? Why didn’t he call on Congress to reform the tax code? Why did he sign a healthcare bill that will deter future medical students and allow the government to come into the household to tell parents how to raise their children?

      And how are you going to tell me that he isn’t going into another unreasonable war? He had the military help TRAIN THE LIBYAN REBELS. He’s POSITIONING THE MILITARY NEAR IRAN. The Pentagon IS WAGING CYBER WARFARE AGAINST IRAN.

      And best of all: HE SIGNED THE PATRIOT ACT.

      Don’t vote, you haven’t been paying attention to a damn thing that’s been going on.

  • I saw a Romney who explained his plan to the ppl. Who said he could get money back in the hands of taxpayers through their OWN work and give power back to the states not the goverment ( like it always should have been).
    I saw a Obama who seemed unsure of his responses and still the shady “Vote for me” stuff he always pulls with no explanation other then he says He has a plan and it will work yet over the last 4 years nothing he says would happen, has happened.
    I voted for Obama 4 years ago. on promises of “Change” and improvemnet. well everyone is still complaining that things need to improve, so why would you vote for him agian with his last 4 years as reference to what he is capable of? The lies that i have heard. the Wastefullness of his administration and petty excuses for everything that doesnt go their way. Im not making the same mistake because no man wether he is my “Messiah” or my nieghtbor should get away with disrespecting my intelligence and the American peoples by lying to us.
    Dont Vote for Romney. Im not. But with what your know about Obama (if you bothered to do any research and not just listen to what your told like a child) you should be able to realize that he is not the person that he wants ppl to see him as. We gave him a chance and his hand met our faces in a bitch slap sort of way.

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