Proposition 35, a new tough-on-trafficking measure, expands the definition of human trafficking and dramatically increases prison terms and fines for offenders. While everyone seems united against human trafficking, opponents of Prop. 35 argue that it’s a politically motivated initiative that will penalize sex workers and their families, rather than criminals who trade in human beings. Defenders of the proposition assert the need for increased penalties in order to deter traffickers and protect those most vulnerable from the threat of sex slavery.

Maxine Doogan, founder of Erotic Service Provider Legal, Educational and Research Project
Chris Kelly, former Facebook chief privacy officer, Silicon Valley attorney and philanthropist and founder of the Safer California Foundation

  • linda

    Would you please make clear exactly what kinds of workers would be affected by the new law and who would be on the “registry” you keep referring to? For example, what about people who work in S&M fantasy-sex places, or lap dancers, etc., etc.?

    • Prop 35 does not target lap-dancers or people who simply work in adult shops and the likes. Prop 35 is a piece of legislation that targets specifically human traffickers (I.e those who target our young children, enslave them for the purpose of sexual exploitation). It removes the need to prove force to prosecute the sex trafficking of minors. This legislation is not about S&M places and exotic adult shops but about the protection of our children and ensuring victims are treated as victims rather than criminals. It infact protects many people who are prostitutes- It Prohibits the use of sexual history to prove their criminal liability.

      • normajeana

        A cop is MORE likely to have sex with these children than a person seeking a child through commercial sex. Here are just a few of the latest cops who were caught (NOTE THESE ARE NOT ‘ESTIMATES’ they are actual officers, police chiefs who were caught with children or with child porn):
        2012 Aaron Clark
        2012 Adam J. Kachadoorian
        2012 Albert Covarrubias Jr
        2012 Alvin Dabney
        2012 Alysia Flynn
        2012 Anthony Dattilo
        2012 Anthony James Benjamin
        2012 B.C. Totten
        2012 Bill Haden
        2012 Blaine R. Handerhan
        2012 Bradley C. Totten
        2012 Brent Mitchell Taylor
        2012 Brian Ervin
        2012 Brian Nelson
        2012 Capt. Juan De los Rios
        2012 Carlos Periu
        2012 Cedric Webb
        2012 Charles Cusack
        2012 Charles Farrell Long2012 Charles Walker
        2012 Christopher A. Carson
        2012 Christopher Branco
        2012 Christopher J. Wilson
        2012 Clarence “Jeremy” Brister
        2012 Clayton Calvin Griffin, Jr
        2012 Craig Cantin
        2012 Daniel Sayer
        2012 David D. Lowe
        2012 David John Hammeren
        2012 David Krego
        2012 David Oldham
        2012 Derek Jones
        2012 Derik Navarro
        2012 Douglas N. Sversko
        2012 Duane Chavez
        2012 Edward Negron
        2012 Eleazar Gongora, Jr.
        2012 Eric Janusz
        2012 Eric Jason Campbell
        2012 Erik Alexandro Orduno
        2012 Estevan Arizaga
        2012 Garrett Vandereecken
        2012 George B. Gibson
        2012 Gerald Roland Harris
        2012 Gerald “Gary” Roland Harris
        2012 Gerardo Hernandez
        2012 Gregory Pyle
        2012 Huey Edward “Eddie” Nichols
        2012 James Edward Deford
        2012 Jamie Krenitsky
        2012 Jarmal Akfpon Flood
        2012 Jarrell Lee Clifton II
        2012 Jason Cochran
        2012 Jason W. Kreig
        2012 Jeffrey Harwell
        2012 Jeremy Brister
        2012 Jeremy English
        2012 John Frederick Garner
        2012 John Harlan Mullins
        2012 John Ingham
        2012 John Thomas DeGuire2012 John Vargas-Cifrino
        2012 Johnny Irvin Walters
        2012 Johnny Lamart Hernandez
        2012 Jose Manuel Santiago
        2012 Joseph F. Doscher
        2012 Joseph L. Hunt
        2012 Joseph McGill
        2012 Joseph Ruhren
        2012 Kenneth Alexander
        2012 Kenneth Nieves
        2012 Kevin T. Zebell
        2012 Kirt Yarbrough
        2012 Larry Semenza
        2012 Lynn Tabb
        2012 Mark A. Cornish
        2012 Matthew Mole
        2012 Maurice Martinez
        2012 Michael Kish
        2012 Michael Shane Baker
        2012 Michael Smith
        2012 Miguel Zapata
        2012 Nicholas W. Butler
        2012 Noah Pestak
        2012 Noe Yanez
        2012 Oscar Rodriguez
        2012 Patrick Cavan LeBlanc
        2012 Patrick Clay Stackhouse
        2012 Patrick D’Arrigo
        2012 Patrick Rosney
        2012 Paul Bailey
        2012 Philip Wentzel
        2012 Raul Mascorro
        2012 Ray Kiefer Jr
        2012 Raymond Edward Kish2012 Richard Di Giovanni
        2012 Rick Jon Ferguson
        2012 Robert Brian Hill
        2012 Robert Eugene Ruark
        2012 Robert Kevin Britt
        2012 Robert McChester Jr
        2012 Robert Stacy Kilgore
        2012 Robert Tameris
        2012 Ronald Baker
        2012 Roosevelt Givens
        2012 Rosandre Burgher
        2012 Scott Elliott
        2012 Shay Larson
        2012 Stanley Dorozynski
        2012 Steven Vigorito
        2012 Steven Wayne Morris
        2012 Taylon Bain
        2012 Theodore Fernandes
        2012 Thomas Harmon DeMont
        2012 Troy Gee
        2012 Tyler Reinpold
        2012 Victor Castillo
        2012 Wade Dilley
        2012 Wade Williams
        2012 William Gage
        2012 William Jacobs
        2012 Willie Clarence Lee Jr.

  • daphne

    Human trafficking entails profiting from the sexual exploitation of a
    child (who cannot legally consent to sexual conduct) or the use of
    force, fraud and coercion to compel an adult into forced labor or
    commercial sex acts against his/her will. Prop 35 not only requires the showing that the trafficker causes a child
    “to engage in a commercial sex act” but also “with the intent to
    effect or maintain a violation of Section,” and it lists 12 different
    existing criminal sections in our state law.

    • daphne
      • normajeana

        Get the real scoop on the actual numbers of trafficking victims vs. rape victims, vs. victims of domestic violence- ask these pro prop 35 how many actual victims are there? Not guestimates- not inflated numbers-based on some ideological crusade against consenting adult prostitution. Here is what the real predator looks like: In the summer of 1993, 26 Newark police officers were accused of raping,

        robbing and beating prostitutes. Although the victims identified the officers through

        photo line-ups, city records show that the department never followed through on

        the allegations and has done nothing to discipline the officers.


        And this: In the summer of 1993, 26 Newark police officers were accused of raping,

        robbing and beating prostitutes. Although the victims identified the officers through

        photo line-ups, city records show that the department never followed through on

        the allegations and has done nothing to discipline the officers.


        And This: When juveniles are ‘rescued’ by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, they are actually

        arrested. Then they are incarcerated until a suitable placement facility becomes available. While

        they are incarcerated, they may be victims of rape- most likely at the hands of the prison/ jail staff:

        “Sexual abuse in prison is distressingly common: the Justice Department estimated that more than

        217,000 prisoners, including at least 17,000 juveniles, were raped or sexually abused in

        America in 2008. A total of 12% of juvenile detainees… surveyed between 2008 and 2009

        reported being forced into sex. And that is the number of people, not incidents;

        most victims are abused more than once. More inmates reported being abused by staff than by other

        inmates. Sex between guards and inmates is illegal in all 50 states.”

        The Economist, May 5, 2011

        How many incarcerate juveniles who are victims of rape by staff are ‘too many’?

      • paisleyme

        Sharmin Bock is a politician with an agenda. Watch her run for DA sometime soon.

  • Tony Rocco

    The reason that sex trafficking exists is because prostitution is illegal. If you really want to reduce sex trafficking, the best solution is to legalize and regulate prostitution, not increase the penalties against it. As long as it remains a black market enterprise, it will exist in the shadows and be under the sole purview of criminals and pimps.

    • Erin

      Legalizing prostitution does not provide an answer for minors who are
      forced into this business. There is a strong demand out there for
      children (as sad as that is) and even if prostitution is legalized and
      properly regulated, this demand will not go away and children will
      continue to be exploited.

      • normajeana

        Should we then not criminalize ALL consenting adult NON commercial sex so that we can stop the FAR MORE numerous predators from sexually abusing MINORS? This is the most ludicrous argument ever! Because there are pedophile priests, we should ban adult homsexuality? Because there are pedophile teachers, we should forbid teachers from having sex with other adults?

        The fact that the resources are so squandered by going after CONSENTING ADULTS rather than after those who are having sex with minors is absolutely INEXCUSABLE!
        In ALL cases of rape and intimate partner violence- as well as any other crime (except homicide), victims are
        required to file a criminal complaint against the alleged perpetrator before the police will launch an
        investigation into the allegations.

        In NO cases of rape, domestic violence or suspected child sexual exploitation are law enforcement agents
        permitted to initiate a complaint by compromising the victim in order to coerce the victim to testify against
        their abuser or rapist.

        Yet, to ‘rescue’ victims of prostitution- or ‘sex trafficking,’ police are allowed to go as far as necessary to secure an arrest and conviction, even if the victim has not asked for help and the cops must
        coerce the alleged victim to testify against the alleged pimp, employer or ‘trafficker,’ …even if it means putting the prostitute, her/his family and her/his client’s health at risk by confiscating condoms so prosecutors can use the condoms as evidence against a prostitute to force her/him to testify against
        her/his ‘pimps and traffickers’ to obtain a conviction! The irony is that the local LA government is also mandating condom use for those in the adult porn industry- “to protect them from disease”… while simultaneously discouraging prostitutes from using them because they can be used as evidence of a crime!
        Prop 35 gives cops more incentive to continue these dangerous practices… and created a health risk in the community!“Kate Hogan, a prosecutor who is the former president of the (NY) state district attorneys’ association, said the real goal of prostitution cases is ‘to get the pimps and the sex traffickers.’ Giving up supporting evidence (condoms) would be giving them ‘a lot of leeway we don’t want to give them,’ she said.”

      • utera

        Indeed, if children might drink or take drugs, all drugs and alcohol must be made illegal.

        Sorry but bringing in the “children” to enact bad law is always a bad idea.

    • Lesford

      Hey Tony. I use to believe the same thing. However, studies have shown that in countries and regions that have legalized prostitution, there are higher rates of “child prostitution” (better know as child sexual exploitation). The reason for this is that when prostitution is legitimized as a profession, there’s little that law enforcement can do to go in and look for underage victims, and many of these children go under the rador. This creates an even more serious black market.

      Let’s support Prop 35 and take a firm stance against injustices right here at home!

      • normajeana

        Please share with us those ‘studies’- perhaps they came from the same sources as the ‘studies’ which claim homosexuality can be cured… because as a sex worker rights activist for 30 years, I have NEVER seen such studies anywhere- except from those with an ideological agenda. And again, how does it help ONE SINGLE CHILD VICTIM OF SEXUAL ABUSE by arresting CONSENTING ADULTS? Here are the real results of these laws: “BROOKLYN (NY) – A mother says a former NYPD detective (Wayne Taylor) pimped out her 13-year-old daughter

        and forced her to dance naked at parties and have sex with “as many as eight or nine men” in a single night. The girl says Det. Wayne Taylor “bought” her for $500 and threatened to arrest her for prostitution if she didn’t follow his orders.

        H.H. and her mother sued the City of New York, the New York Police Department and Wayne S. Taylor in Federal Court.

        Taylor was arrested and pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping and promoting prostitution in 2008, according to the complaint and to contemporary news reports. He served more than 3 years before he was paroled in January.

        H.H. says Taylor, a longtime NYPD officer and detective, “was known by the defendants NYPD and city to have had improper relationships with prostitutes, including prostitutes who were minors. Indeed, prior to the events at issue in this complaint, Taylor was disciplined by the NYPD in relation to having had an improper relationship with an under-age prostitute.”

        She adds: “Taylor had been assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau, a notoriously corrupt and poorly supervised bureau that was scandalized by the arrests of dozens of its officers for corruption and worse.”

        But the city kept Taylor on the job despite his shady record, H.H. says.

        She says she met Taylor and his girlfriend, Zalika Brown, in January 2008. She says Taylor was accompanied by other women, “named ‘Crystal,’ ‘Honey,’ and ‘Muffin,’ who appeared to be prostitutes.” The complaint continues: “At the time, H.H. was 13 years old.

        “Thereafter, Taylor told H.H. that she had been ‘sold’ to Taylor and Brown for $500.

        “Taylor threatened H.H. that if she would not do as he directed and work as a prostitute, performing sex acts for money, he would use his power as a police officer to have her arrested for prostitution,

        and that if she did as he instructed she would have no problems with the police.”

      • normajeana

        Adult homosexuality was decriminalized a few years ago, but that didn’t stop the demand for underage boys victimized by pedophile priests, coaches, teachers, cops and others- so perhaps we ought to recriminalize gay activity so the cops have that much more to use against pedophiles who have sex with underage boys… because as we all know, there is no better way to help victims than to squander scarce and valuable resources arresting arresting consenting adults who aren’t victims.

    • Historian

      You are very confused. You are using the arguments for legalizing drugs as if prostituion were the same thing, but it’s completely different: It’s when a THIRD PARTTY i.e. PIMPgets the profit off the person’s sex services that s/he provides to an “employer ” (john). Prostitute gets no more than subsistence for the service s/he provided, and s/he is often abused (beaten, drugged) to force him/her to keep pumping out the profits for the pimp. The pimp enjoys the profit, without him/herself having to endure the nasty things the prostitute does. Any prostitute with a pimp or on drugs or abused is by definition is exploited, not voluntarily choosing that lifestyle, & should be protected rather than told s/he must pump out profts for pimps. Legalizing the profits of pimps just exacerbates the problem: encourgages them to exploit more vulnerable people. Taxing the pimp’s profits would encourage the state to promote the exploitation of porstitues. Even Holland’s red ligtht district now has trafficked & forced sex workers because of immigration from very poor countries, where unmarried & uneducated women & girls suffer massive discrimination & have few options to prostitution.
      When a drug abuser buys from a drug seller 1. the drug, being a thing rather than a human can’t be hurt or exploited by the transaction while prostitutes are very often hurt 2. No third party pimp siphons off the proftis from the money that went from seller to buyer. Eventually many buyers (addicts) find the detriment of the drug outweighs the benefits & have an incentive to stop. Incontrast, since the pimp gets all the profit, takes little risk & the protitute gets little or less than little (abuse, health threats), the pimp has no incentive to stop the selling of the prostitute. So it’s far less self correcting than durgs are.

      • utera

        You are really confused, every sex worker is a victim only because it is necessary to your argument, not because of any reality..and that is the problem.

        You spend your time conflating issues in order to support the wasting of even more tax payer money and police resources on punishing sexual acts between consenting adults. You are no different from those pro lifers who claim every woman who has had an abortion is morally and mentally scarred for life…it fits their argument and they really dont’ care about the facts of the matter.

    • Historian

      You are very confused. You are using the arguments for legalizing drugs as if prostituion were the same thing, but it’s completely different: It’s when a THIRD PARTTY i.e. PIMPgets the profit off the person’s sex services that s/he provides to an “employer ” (john). Prostitute gets no more than subsistence for the service s/he provided, and s/he is often abused (beaten, drugged) to force him/her to keep pumping out the profits for the pimp. The pimp enjoys the profit, without him/herself having to endure the nasty things the prostitute does. Any prostitute with a pimp or on drugs or abused is by definition is exploited, not voluntarily choosing that lifestyle, & should be protected rather than told s/he must pump out profts for pimps. Legalizing the profits of pimps just exacerbates the problem: encourgages them to exploit more vulnerable people. Taxing the pimp’s profits would encourage the state to promote the exploitation of porstitues. Even Holland’s red ligtht district now has trafficked & forced sex workers because of immigration from very poor countries, where unmarried & uneducated women & girls suffer massive discrimination & have few options to prostitution. When a drug abuser buys from a drug seller 1. the drug, being a thing rather than a human can’t be hurt or exploited by the transaction while prostitutes are very often hurt 2. No third party pimp siphons off the proftis from the money that went from seller to buyer. Eventually many buyers (addicts) find the detriment of the drug outweighs the benefits & have an incentive to stop. Incontrast, since the pimp gets all the profit, takes little risk & the protitute gets little or less than little (abuse, health threats), the pimp has no incentive to stop the selling of the prostitute. So it’s far less self correcting than durgs are.

    • Mon

      It also wouldn’t exist if sick people didn’t want to pay to have sex with children.

  • Log

    How does this prop protect indirect support of prostitution?

    • Lesford

      This proposition does not support prostitution. As we all know, prostitution, the commercial sexual exploitation of especially women and children, is illegal here in California. What Prop 35 does is it stiffens penalties against traffickers (those who perpetuate trafficking) and provides more services to the victims. It also protects our communities by having sex offenders register their online accounts similar to how they register their residential address.

      Let’s take a strong stance and support Prop 35 for the sake of our children and our communities!

      • normajeana


        16-year veteran also charged with drug crimes, obstruction of justice

        Detectives charged Officer Michael Johns, 43, a 16-year veteran of the police bureau, with crimes including promoting prostitution, drug possession and delivery, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, insurance fraud and filing false reports to law enforcement. Police linked online ads for prostitution to Officer Johns, who would provide the women with cell phones and rental cars “to travel and do shows and deals,” according to a criminal complaint.

        Formerly an officer in the city’s Hill District station, Officer Johns was transferred into the warrant office soon after the

        county’s investigation began. His status with the police bureau was unclear Monday night, when he was arraigned and

        released on his own recognizance.

        The investigation spawned from an April traffic stop involving a car that was rented by Officer Johns. Police said the driver of the Cadillac, William Oravetz, was found to be carrying a key ring with a small piece of paper on it bearing the name of Alivia Kail, a 19-year-old Mount Washington woman who has been missing since March…

        Mr. Oravetz, who also faces prostitution charges, had been driving a woman to a man’s house for a “sexual performance,”

        the complaint says. He told police the car had been rented by the woman’s “boyfriend,” Officer Johns; police found Officer

        Johns’ police identification card in the woman’s purse. The woman, identified in an online sex ad as “Gabby,” told police

        that she is an exotic dancer and performer who met Officer Johns three years ago while he was working an off-duty detail in uniform at a South Side nightclub. She said she supports herself through erotic performances, in which clients arrange for her to “perform” at their houses or elsewhere for money, the complaint says…”

        August 30, 2011 “A longtime Pittsburgh police officer ran a prostitution service, helped the women obtain drugs and provided them transportation for their work, Allegheny County police said Monday.

      • normajeana

        How much police corruption and abuse of prostitutes are you willing to tolerate to impose this ideological anti- prostitution crusade on society? At what cost? How many victims of pedophile law enforcement agents and rapist cops is ‘too many’?

  • Ramona

    Thanks for all your hard work Chris! Thank you very much!

    • normajeana

      Thank you for the cops- because they LOVE these kinds of laws- it leads to this sort of activity:
      “ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A former Albuquerque police officer David Maes plead no-contest to rape and false-imprisonment charges on Friday and was sentenced to PROBATION…
      District Court Judge Pat Murdoch said it would be a harsh sentence for an ex-cop. “The impact and the punishment that he would receive in prison would be more than anybody else going to prison for the same allegations,” Murdoch said.
      Under the terms of the deal, the judge could have given him 4 1/2 years in prison…
      The defense said Cordova was a known prostitute before and after the rape accusations were made and Maes was in a police uniform. “In the end Mr. Maes acknowledges it’s not appropriate for a police officer to have sex with somebody in their custody,” defense attorney Joseph Riggs said.
      Riggs said the former officer’s plea does not mean he admits his guilt. He said Maes just wants to move on with his life. “He
      doesn’t admit that he raped her,” Riggs said. “He admits that he had sex with her.”
      As part of the plea deal Maes DOES NOT HAVE TO REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER….. and once he completes his probation the conviction will be wiped off his record.”

      And then there is this: 7/19/12 SAN DIEGO—”A former San Diego police officer accused of forcing a prostitute to have sex has pleaded no contest to a lesser charge. U-T San Diego says 27-year-old Daniel Dana entered the plea Wednesday to engaging in a lewd act in public. He was sentenced to three years probation.“ He is not required to register as a sex offender.
      “Dana had faced several felony charges in San Diego Superior Court, including rape under color of authority, assault and battery
      by an officer, and false imprisonment, and could have been sent to prison for more than 17 years if convicted. Those charges were dropped with his plea.
      Dana originally was charged with felonies including rape under color of authority. Prosecutors claim he threatened to send a
      prostitute he knew to jail in May unless she had sex with him. The woman said she was scared into having sex with him at a park.
      Dana’s lawyer argued they had consensual sex.
      Prosecutor Annette Irving says a plea deal was struck because of concerns about whether a jury
      would be able to agree that a prostitute had been raped.
      “The prostitute testified he told her ‘either I give him what he wants or I go to jail.’ The woman said the officer told her to get
      into his patrol car, and he took her to Presidio Park, where they had sex.”
      Dana was charged last year (2011) at a time when the Police Department was dealing with a rash of misconduct charges against
      officers. One officer, Anthony Arevalos, was sentenced to more than eight years in prison after being convicted in November of eight felonies and four misdemeanors for molesting women he had
      stopped for traffic violations.Prostitutes are not believed when they tell society that they are NOT victims of sex trafficking-
      And they are not believed when they report being victims of rape (in particular, raped by a law enforcement agent).
      How can the State of California expect to get convictions of those it claims exploit prostitutes if we are not believed when we ask for help and report those cops who abuse us?

  • Erica

    I just wanted to voice my opinion. My name is Erica and I am a survivor of sexual exploitation. I support Prop 35 100%! I believe that sexual exploitation is a serious crime against humanity and we as a people need to do something to combat this growing problem. We need to be the voice of so many who have had their voices stolen. Stand up and make a difference!!!! Get out and vote YES on 35!

    • normajeana

      Erica, there are plenty of survivors of law enforcement corruption, too. The more power given to them, the more they abuse sex workers. Do you have any idea how many cops sexually exploit children? Far more than there are people like you. And unfortunately, most of the time these law enforcement agents do NOT get punished.

      And for every ‘victim/survivor’ of commercial sexual exploitation, there are at least 9 victims of non commercial sexual exploitation- even the US Government admits that. What shall we do for the majority of victims? They are NOT protected under prop 35 because they don’t have ‘traffickers’- just adult sexual abusers. VOTE NO ON PROP 35- IT ISN’T ABOUT THE CHILDREN- it is about ‘eliminating all commercial sex whether or not adult and consenting.’

  • ADouglas

    I am a certified real massage therapist in northern cal and In recent years I’ve seen a number of initiatives attempting to lump my profession in with prostitution because of the large number of illegitimate businesses using massage as a front.. San Mateo county sheriff and police dept were recently investigated in their complicence with several businesses including as I recall some trafficking allegations… I get very concerned with these initiatives that use vague language that might be used to negatively impact my profession and rights .. Especially if it means legitimate massage therapists are lumped onto lists with prostitution. I’m in my car so reading the proposition in full won’t happen right now… Is the language of this proposition clear enough?

    • Lesford

      Hi ADouglas.. I can assure you that Prop 35 will NOT harm your massage business (assuming that you are not trafficking people in the process). The language is very specific to trafficking that involves the “force, fraud, or coercion” of individuals into commercial sex.

      • normajeana

        That is a lie… the cops bust EVERYONE first and then decide whether or not to force the prostitute to testify against their employer, family member or other person to whom they voluntarily give their earnings. If we cooperate by giving the nice officer a BJ, PERHAPS he will allow us to go free. I guess you don’t have much experience with how law enforcement actually works, do you?
        Here’s more examples:
        Fed. 23, 2011 “Former Anchorage police officer Anthony Rollins left court in handcuffs following his conviction Tuesday for four rapes while in uniform and on duty in 2008 and 2009…
        A state Superior Court jury also found Rolllins, a 13-year decorated police officer, guilty on multiple counts of second-degree sexual assault, including assault on a fifth victim, criminal use of a computer and official misconduct.
        Six women testified Rollins forced them into sex acts or touched them sexually against their will. And while convicting Rollins on 18 counts, the jurors acquitted him of second-degree sexual assault and official misconduct involving an alleged victim from 2006.
        Rollins, 43, had pleaded not guilty to all 20 counts…
        Four of the women Rollins is convicted of raping were in their late teens or early 20s… In her closing argument, prosecutor Marshall said Rollins used his position as a police officer for sex, calling him arrogant and overconfident… Rollins used “soft, subtle power abuse, situational force,” Marshall said.

        March 23, 2012 “In February an Anchorage jury agreed, and found Rollins guilty of sexually assaulting five of six women and abusing police power by using APSIN – the Alaska Public Safety Information Network – to stalk his victims…
        More than a year later, his victims are locked in a battle with the municipality as they try to get answers as to why Rollins wasn’t pulled off the streets sooner. And now an attorney for some of Rollins’ victims said the police officer had raped many, many other women. And she said APD knew about the attacks and did nothing…
        “I should have said, ‘no.’ I should have told him to stop. Like, I don’t know. I really didn’t feel like I could do anything,” one victim said on February 1, 2011. “Why did you feel like you couldn’t do anything?” the district attorney asked.
        “Because he has so much power and he could, like, cause problems for me, I guess,” the victim said, crying.
        On February 2, 2011, another victim testified, crying, “He unzipped his pants and he took his thing out, he grabbed my hand, he took my hand and put it on himself.
        Schleuss (the DA) said they aren’t the only women to share the nightmare. “There were many more, many more,” she said. “I cant tell you how many there are – 20, 30,” Schleuss said. “I can’t finish reading them all so I can’t tell you… because how many transcripts of women who were raped can I read at one time?”’
        In court documents, the municipality states it “did not have a legal duty to protect” the women from Rollins, a rapist law enforcement officer. Yet the state of California wants to protect women who have NOT asked for help from their non violent, non abusive clients, employers and family members…. NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? HOW ABOUT Ronald Miko:…fficking-case/-/121418/8586922/-/view/print/-/
        He was sentenced on September 24, 2012: PHILADELPHIA—Ronald Miko, 37, of Reading, Pennsylvania, was sentenced today to 38 MONTHS IN PRISON for obstruction of a criminal investigation. Miko was a police officer in the city of Reading when he utilized a room in a house at which convicted federal defendants Paul Sewell and Michael Johnson operated a prostitution business that trafficked females who were under the age of 18. Between May 2, 2011 and June 7, 2011, Miko wired money to Johnson’s federal prison account to prevent the communication of information to criminal investigators regarding Miko’s involvement in that business.In addition to the prison term, U.S. District Court Judge C. Darnell Jones ordered three years’ supervised release with 450 hours community service and a $1,000 fine.

  • Robstar

    Vote no on this and ALL other propositions. It is a terrible way to make laws. Even if you agree with the motivation behind a proposition, the implementation is almost certainly flawed. Without the negotiation process associated with real legislation, propositions will always be polarized, short-sighted policies. Vote no and call your representatives to tell them what you want them to legislate.

    • Ramona

      Rob, why don’t you get right on that….
      Here’s a to do list to get you started.

      • normajeana

        PLEASE look at the corruption that these laws cause in law enforcement- if you truly care about real victims, stop trying to force more penalties for consenting adult commercial activity and the non violent, non abusive, non coercive people in the lives of adult sex workers.

        “I’m a man. I saw a prostitute and I wanted to have sex…”
        Thomas John Sadler, San Diego, California Sheriff’s Deputy, upon his conviction in April 2010, explaining why he assaulted and attempted to rape a prostitute.
        He received a two year prison sentence.
        “Bitch- I can do anything I f..king want…”
        Thomas John Sadler, San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy
        2008, to the prostitute as he forced her legs apart and touched her vaginal area.
        Sadler had a history of assaulting women in the same way dating back to 2001, according to the prosecutor.
        Sadler had originally faced five felony charges and was convicted of one… the outcome of the case means Sadler wasn’t found to be a sex offender…
        “..the crime was offensive but not worthy of the upper prison term of three years…”
        Judge Michael Smyth, in sentencing Officer Thomas John Sadler to two years in prison, despite the abusive history of this officer.
        If assault and attempted rape of a prostitute BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT is “not worthy” of a prison term of three years, why would the non violent, non abusive, non coercive activity of those who interact
        with consenting adult prostitutes be worthy of twenty year sentences as Proposition 35 prescribes?

        • Historian

          You are way off point. Prop 35 is not about the “consenting” it’s about those coerced by pimps & traffickers.

    • TruthPlease

      Yes Robstar! Call your rep and see how far you’ll get! If our state legislators are doing a good job, maybe their approval would be higher than 15%! Read this article to get the truth about Prop 35.

  • jack

    The fact that your guest Chris Kelly supports the continued criminalization of consensual adult prostitution reveals that this really isn’t about helping trafficking victims. Legalizing consensual adult prostitution would allow the industry to be properly regulated and policed, and is what would truly help trafficking victims. Rather, given Kelly’s position, this seems to be about sex among consenting adults.

    • Ramona

      I think you miss heard something. This prop is NOT about legalizing consensual adult prostitution. It’s about matching federal law FOR VICTIMS OF SEX TRAFFICKING.

      • normajeana

        Yeah- because we need to give the cops more power to extort us for sexual favors, like this cop: July 12, 2012 “KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Kansas City police officer has been charged with corruption after prosecutors accused

        him of having sex with two women in exchange for not arresting them… One woman told police she was working as a prostitute, and the other said she had outstanding warrants and marijuana in her motel room when she met Jeffrey Holmes. Prosecutors say Holmes, 47, accepted sex from the women in return for not arresting them during alleged incidents in March and April.

        A judge entered a not guilty plea on Holmes’ behalf during his arraignment Tuesday and released him on $75,000 bond. Holmes’ lawyer, Kevin Regan, didn’t immediately respond to messages seeking comment.”

        July 12, 2012 “KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) Officer Jeffrey Holmes, 47, allegedly visited a motel in March to meet with a prostitute he found online, according to KCTV. The woman, identified as “CC,” told investigators that once the pair reached the room, Holmes, who was wearing his police uniform told her she was “busted for prostitution” and attempted to handcuff her.

        CC, thinking Holmes was a security guard, called the front desk for help. When the clerk arrived, however, Holmes simply told him that he was arresting a prostitute.

        When the clerk left the room, Holmes allegedly began touching CC, told her that he had no money, and lowered his pants. She interpreted this as a request for free sex, and, fearing Holmes would take her to jail otherwise, complied, KMBC reports. No arrest was made.

        CC reported the incident as rape in mid-April.

        Once the investigation began, a second woman, identified by KCTV as “JL,” came forward to report a similar incident. JL told investigators that Holmes, wearing his uniform, approached her and asked if she was a prostitute, according to the Kansas City Star. When she said no, he allegedly forced her to take him back to her motel room, then told her they were going to have sex… JL says that when she questioned him, Holmes responded, “You don’t want to go to jail, do you?”

        Because JL had multiple outstanding warrants, and also had marijuana in the room, she believed that the officer would arrest her if she did not give in to his demands…”

    • I’m afraid It sounds like you have not read the initiative. This initiative is not about prostitution. It indeed is about traffickers. Many children and certainly adults that are being exploited and brutally treated by these people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars from their explotation. Prop 35 is a strong step towards curbing human trafficking. Protecting minors and even for adult prostitutes, ensures their sex history is not used against them in a situation they have been trafficked. Please learn the facts of Prop 35 rather than cococting.

      • normajeana

        Perhaps you don’t know how law enforcement officers work? IF this prop isn’t about prostitution, WHY DID IT NOT INCLUDE THE OTHER AND FAR MORE NUMEROUS VICTIMS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING INTO DOMESTIC SERVITUDE? and why does the victim who does NOT realize they are a victim get more concern from people like you than REAL victims who call the police and ask for help? Like the over 80,000 victims of rape, (nationwide) each year, and in California alone, over 8,000 rapes for which the cops managed to arrest 23% of the alleged rapists… and exactly HOW MANY PHONE CALLS does the Polaris Project report having received in 2011 RELATING TO ‘POTENTIAL VICTIMS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING’????? 117 calls. vs. 8,000 rapes, vs. 12 MILLION incidents of intimate partner violence (nationwide) each year…. so what is this prop really about, if not imposing an ideological agenda on the rest of us?

    • Erin

      Legalizing consensual adult prostitution does not change the fact that there is a very strong demand out there for children and minors. Whether prostitution is legalized and regulated or not, there will always be those who want younger women and children and who will force them into exploitation in order to meet demand. Prop 35 is aimed at combating THIS crime and aiding THOSE victims, not stomping on the rights of consenting adults.

      • normajeana

        The continued criminalization of consenting adult prostitution does not change the fact that if the cops would STOP arresting consenting adults, there would be far more resources available to help those who are truly victims! Your inane argument doesn’t hold water- in fact, it shows that YOU do not care about ‘the children’ because you don’t demand the same punishment for the 90% of predators who do NOT find their victims online through adult ad forums, NOR do they pay anyone for the sexual services of children. These would be the pillars of the community- like priests, preachers, teachers, coaches, cops, and parents who sexually abuse children and whom the GOVERNMENT says are the majority of predators.
        What these laws do is to allow more of this:
        Former cop accused of robbing, assaulting prostitute
        June 4, 2012 “POTTSTOWN (PA) — A former area police officer has been charged with felony robbery and aggravated assault after allegedly beating up a prostitute he paid $20 to in exchange for sex.
        According to court records and a police report, Brian L. Mabry, 46, of 2502 Romig Road, New Hanover, allegedly assaulted the woman when she wouldn’t let him put his hands down her pants.
        Pottstown police were dispatched to the 300 block of Circle of Progress around 4:30 p.m. May 22 for a report of a woman who had been assaulted. When officers arrived, they found the victim topless and complaining of pain to her left arm. The woman told police she had been assaulted by a man who paid her to perform oral sex on him, police detailed in a report.
        The victim told police a man, later identified as Mabry, was “looking for a good time” when he picked her up in his truck from a parking lot in the area of North Charlotte and Chestnut streets, according to the police report. The woman admitted to police she was working as a prostitute and believed Mabry wanted to have sex with her. The woman said she agreed to perform oral sex on Mabry in exchange for $20 and Mabry drove the woman to a less populated area on Circle of Progress.
        The woman told police Mabry appeared to be drunk and was acting strange during their drive. When they arrived at Circle of Progress, Mabry put a $20 bill on the dashboard of his truck, the victim put the money in her pocket, according to the police report. As she began to perform oral sex on Mabry he tried to put his hands down the back of her pants, but she stopped him.
        The victim told Mabry “that wasn’t part of the deal,” and he got mad and began cursing and yelling and then got out of the truck and went to the passenger side where he pulled the victim from the truck.
        The victim told police Mabry “threw her to the ground and placed her in a headlock,” police indicated in the report. The victim said Mabry kept repeating “You don’t know who you’re (expletive) with,” and the victim said she thought Mabry was going to kill her. The victim said Mabry took the $20 from her pocket as well as the cell phone battery from her phone and let her go. The victim told police Mabry threw her cell phone battery into the woods nearby and then got into his truck…
        A search of court records Sunday indicated Mabry had not been arrested, although charges against him were filed by Pottstown Police on May 30. Mabry is charged with first-, second- and third-degree felony robbery, first-degree felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor counts of recklessly endangering another person, simple assault, promoting prostitution, patronizing prostitutes, theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property…”

  • Yogi2B

    Legalizing prostitution has nothing to do with children. In re: to children, it has everything to do with education, family relationships, and self perspective. Really sick and tired of people using children as a political and religious tool.

  • Rosario Cas

    Thank you for hosting this discussion. Very important to the social workers that deal with these kids on a daily basis to hear the strong support for PROP35 in their communities. If we had better infrastructure in CA regarding our children caught in the judicial system maybe then Ms. Doogan would not have an argument. In comes PROP35 to make a difference for our kids. Yes, our kids! Let’s Vote YES on 35 in November!

    • normajeana

      According to the US Government,

      One out of ten victims of child sexual exploitation MAY have been the victim of sex trafficking…

      but the other 9 WERE victims of someone whom they knew and trusted… pillars of the community- such as Coach Jerry Sandusky; and Concord (CA) police officer and father of the victim – John Eric Freeman; and teacher Mark Berndt; and Boy Scout leader and Police Chief Ken Tomlinson; and Father Alejandro Castillo; and Jewish Social Services worker Andrew Goodman..

      If the goal of Prop 35 really is to stop the sexual exploitation of minors, why does it not focus on that issue, regardless of whether the child is ‘trafficked’ into the sex trade?

      Does being a victim of ‘sex trafficking’ cause more psychological harm than being a victim of pedophile parents, step-parents, priests, teachers, preachers, coaches, boy scout leaders and

      law enforcement agents?

      Of course there are far fewer victims of ‘sex trafficking’ than there are victims of the pillars of the community… so perhaps it is a matter of saving the few because we can’t afford to save the many?

      It would certainly cost far less to focus on the least number of victims rather than the greater number, but then it is no longer a matter of ‘stopping the sexual exploitation of children.’

      It is an ideological crusade against consenting adult prostitution, regardless of the harm to the alleged victims.


      VOTE NO ON PROP 35

      • Historian

        The proposition is about traffickign & coercion, not consensual acts. Sadly, there is plenty of sexual abuse outside of commercial sex work, but so what? It doesn’t mean one should’t toughen laws on tracking & pimping. For one thing, it’s a case where people are profiting monetarity off of abuse, which is arguably much worse than sex abuse without the profiting. Your argument is a bit like saying because females were treated unequally in the US in 1860 & were half the population, you shouldn’t have outlawed slavery (slaves only about a fifth or sixth of the population–certainly much less than half the poplatuion).

  • TruthPlease

    It is appalling all the lies that Ms. Doogan can come up with. What a desperate lie to say things like survivors support Prop 35 because they work for organizations that benefit from Prop 35. What a bunch of crap! Survivors support Prop 35 because it protects the next child from being victimized like them. The person who’s trying to protect their wallet is Maxine Doogan, a pimp herself:

    • Erica

      I am a survivor and I do NOT work for an organization that will benefit from Prop 35.

      • paisleyme

        I am a survivor and DO work for an anti-trafficking organization who is opposed to Proposition 35 regardless of the “benefit” at the expense of innocent people. Vote NO on Proposition 35.

      • Jane

        I am a Sex Worker and I do support the criminalization of anyone who uses children as sexual slaves, But this proposition will not do that. Instead people like me and my family or anybody I share my earnings with will be treated as a Sex Trafficker and have to register as a Sex Offender for the rest of their lives. Way to go in protecting OUR children Erica!!!!!!! It’s not about your agenda, it’s about bringing resources and support to the REAL victims here. By supporting this proposition you are putting my child in harms way as well as his family members. So please think about that.

    • normajeana

      What is appalling is that people like you do not recognize the harm that these laws do to those you claim to want to protect. If we decriminalized CONSENTING ADULT COMMERCIAL SEX so that COP could not use these laws to extort us for sexual favors, perhaps there would be sufficient resources to help the real victims- the not victims who don’t know they are victims… as the founder of the Texas “Redeemed Ministries”, Dennis Mark said “The biggest obstacle to rehabilitating the victims are the victims themselves…Victims make it difficult to help them. They don’t realize they’re victims…” Sept. 18, 2012 regarding those charged with prostitution offenses

      However, we DO know when we’ve been raped by cops- but those cops get a slap on the hand and NO sex registration even as people like YOU want to punish the non violent, non abusive clients, family members, employers and others to whom we VOLUNTARILY give our earnings to pay for our rent, our food, our families’ care and all the other things that ADULT PROSTITUTES SPEND THEIR MONEY ON.

      On August 8, 2012, the Ohio State Attorney General’s office released a report it had commissioned on domestic
      sex trafficking in that state. Newspapers across the US touted the ‘ground breaking research’ based on interviews
      with a very small number of underage and adult people (328) involved in the sex industry. Although other
      researchers had previously stated what prostitutes of all ages and nationalities have told them, this report was
      based on research conducted at the behest of the state government.
      “In all of Ohio, the most common buyers for victims were law enforcement. Businessmen and drug dealers were second
      and third, respectively.”

      The report, which can be found here:
      2012%20Human%20Trafficking%20Commission%20Research%20and%20Analysis%20Report.pdf stated “Victims of
      sex trafficking involved through manipulation reported they sold sex to the following buyers: Almost half,
      46.5% (20) provided sexual services to law enforcement;

      • Historian

        Off point. Prop 35 does not enable police corruption, which can is illegal already, and can happen anwhere regardless of tracfficking laws..

  • Michael
    • KjS

      because they are misinformed about the actual language of Prop 35. this will further protect children who are being trafficked by removing the need to prove force, and their argument that 2 hours of training for LE isn’t enough, well, you have to start somewhere! Prop 35 is a huge step in the right direction!

      • Michael

        That’s incorrect. There are several arguments against Prop. 35. They have thoroughly analyzed this issue and have come to the conclusion that Prop. 35 is not going to help. You should take a look at the detailed analysis at John Vanek’s blog.

  • Lesford

    A Yes Vote for Prop 35 is a vote to protect our children and our communities. Please take the time to read through this initiative (and all other initiatives) before voting. You will see that this concise piece of legislation is directly aimed at protecting victims and prosecuting traffickers, those who exploit women and children.

    YES ON PROP 35!

    • normajeana

      A yes vote means more of this: “PLEASANT HILL (CA)–

      The former commander of a law enforcement task force in Contra Costa County robbed prostitutes whose operations were competing with his own brothel in Pleasant Hill, his co-defendant in a drug theft case told investigators… The former commander, ex-state Department of Justice agent Norman Wielsch, said prostitutes and drug dealers deserved to

      have their money stolen, said Christopher Butler, a private eye in Concord and Wielsch’s former colleague on the Antioch police force.

      In a 34-page narrative that he wrote for investigators detailing his alleged criminal exploits and obtained by The Chronicle, Butler also said a woman accused of prostitution had told him that she had sex with Wielsch in exchange for having charges against her reduced. In 2009, at Wielsch’s suggestion, the woman helped the task force commander and private eye set up a massage parlor on Gregory Lane in Pleasant Hill that fronted for a brothel, Butler said.”

      In 2012, Butler admitted to conspiring with Wielsch to establish the Pleasant Hill brothel, and to collecting more than $10,000

      from the business that allegedly went to Wielsch in exchange for protection for the operation from law enforcement. Butler’s sentencing is set for Sept. 11, 2012 and prosecutors would not say what term they would recommend. The drug charge against him carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum of life.

      Wielsch, 51, has pleaded not guilty to similar charges and remains free on bail. Tanabe, who is no longer a sheriff’s deputy, has also pleaded not guilty.”

      • Historian

        You are really off point. Prop 35 does NOT say its fine police to engage in prostitution.

  • Brittany

    We must take a stand against human trafficking with a Yes vote for Prop 35. It will strengthen California’s laws to more effectively combat the lucrative crime of human trafficking. Read more about Prop 35:

    • normajeana

      2004 Chief arrested at alleged brothel Runnemede’s (PA) police chief …

      caught in a prostitution sting in Maple Shade

      “The longtime chief of the Runnemede Police Department was among those caught in a prostitution sting… at a Maple Shade brothel, police said.

      STAND AGAINST POLICE CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF PROSTITUTES: James Martin Leason, 56, was arrested… as he left an apartment at the Arbors Apartments on South Lenola Road… Also arrested… were the brothel’s

      madam, two prostitutes and two others. Leason was charged with misconduct in office and promoting prostitution. The officers who arrested Chief

      Leason said the chief was a repeat customer — 105 times to be exact… most of the attention to this case was focused on Chief Leason

      who has been the police chief in Runnemede since 1987. Chief Leason, who was charged with misconduct in office and promoting prostitution, was

      suspended without pay after posting $5,000 and being released on his own recognizance.

      ”The mayor and Council are shocked and deeply disappointed by Chief Leason’s arrest,” the Runnemede solicitor, Michael P. Albana, said in a written

      statement. ‘However, the safety of the residents will not be affected by this incident.’ Combined, the charges

      carry a maximum of 15 years in prison and $165,000 in fines.”

      How many years had the chief been involved with the madam and her prostitutes? Had he been helping her avoid detection all those years?

      What was the outcome? “Leason agreed to pay the maximum $15,000 fine as well as $3,500 in restitution to Runnemede

      as part of a plea agreement with the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office. In return, a second charge of promoting prostitution was dropped…After

      his arrest at the brothel, Leason was suspended, and then he retired (with pay) with 31 years of law enforcement


      • Historian

        Off point.

  • Dave

    KQED, and Michael Krasney, I think your choice of people for debating this proposition has probably led to more confusion about the topic than clarity.. Sex trafficking is not in any way part of legal sex work in California or the U.S. I think many people simply need the media to better define their terms.. As far as an agenda, your guest Maxine Doogan clearly had and has an agenda, and that is not ending sex trafficking but instead to legal prostitution.. No matter where you stand on these issues, simply having clear, non biased information would really help the community.. KQED is normally very good in this area.. Reading proposition will definitely help your listeners.. and looking up terms that you do not understand will also help shed light.. Having a well informed voting population helps everyone..

  • cookhskpr

    ring around the Rosie, pocket full of Posey, ashes, ashes, we all fall down

  • Kath Rogers

    Prop 35 is a well crafted initiative that will help curb human trafficking, which is all too common in our state. LA, SD and SF in the top ten cities in the nation for child sex trafficking, and the average victims are 12-14 years old upon entry.

    Prop 35 is supported by nearly every law enforcement group in the state, non-profits that help victims, human rights groups, BOTH political parties (what else do both parties agree on?), the list goes on and on…

    This is an important initiative to end a violent human rights abuse in our state. I am excited to vote YES on Prop 35!

  • Mudra

    Prop. 35 is about protecting vulnerable women & children against pimps and traffickers. It is not about going after erotic service providers like Ms. Doogans’, unless there is force, fraud or coercion involved. Period. It is saddening to see someone so consumed in their own reality that they fail to see the larger reality around them… that thousands of people are being exploited everyday, and that we need stronger laws to protect them.

    • normajeana

      Really? Then why do the cops need to arrest adult prostitutes who consent to engaging in commercial sex if what they are after are the underage persons?

  • paisleyme

    Proposition 35 will do nothing to deter traffickers. That is an absolute myth and folks are being manipulated and coerced by the backers and supporters of Proposition 35 – exactly what traffickers do to their victims. How does it feel?

    In CA especially, we have already seen the result of “increased sentencing”. Did any of our tough statutes, i.e. Three Strikes (by the way reducing the effect of Three Strikes is also on the proposition ballot because it doesn’t work) eliminate crime? No.

    Proposition 35 is so vague and strips ALL of us of basic human rights. Why? Because the drafters have absolutely no expertise in legislation, law enforcement, service provision, etc. What they do have expertise in is coercing the general public into supporting a proposition that will likely end up in the courts and hopefully will be found to be unconstitutional.

    Proposition 35 is anti-prostituion (why so many of the supporters are faith-based groups). Do you see any actual ant-trafficking groups and organziations as supporters? Not really! And law enforcement supporters – those are the associations, not the agencies. The average law enforcement officers either doesn’t know about the proposition or views it as far too vague making their jobs just as difficult as legalizing medical marijuana did. And the list goes on and on of political supporters – which should make anyone say “hmmmmm…” if that many politicians are supportive.

    We want to have intelligent, collaborative, comprehensive legislation so that all of us working in anti-trafficking are at the table. Proposition 35 does not do this and the backers and their religious fanatics have failed resulting in a dangerous piece of legislation that will do far more harm to victims of trafficking then good. This proposition has nothing to do with helping victims – it’s all about locking people up and throwing away the key so that we don’t actually have to do anything to eradicate human trafficking, like addressing poverty, addressing gender violence and discrimination, addressing a class-based system and culture, addressing slave labor in our supply chains. All one has to do is listen to the backers of Proposition 35 and realize all they talk about in relation to human traffcking is sex. They COMPLETELY ignore all of our victims of forced labor. Shameful on all of you who are doing so.

    As you can see, human trafficking is an extremely complex issue that takes all of us working together – not just passing ineffective laws to increase prison sentences (they’ll be on early release anyway) and increasing fines (criminals don’t typically have a lot of money, that ‘s another myth).

    Vote NO on Prop 35 and lets go back to the drawing board and have intelligent collaborative discussions.

    Read more here:

  • Mary

    Slavery was supposedly outlawed in our
    country in 1865. Today it exists in an equally horrific but less visible
    way. We need to reduce incentives for those choosing to profit off the forced
    servitude of other human beings. Young, emotionally needy, confused, impressionable children are being recruited and sold for sex. It is one of the ugliest occurrences to come out of humanity. Whether or not people want to believe it, it’s happening. And we
    are letting it. I will be voting YES on Prop 35.

  • Stephanie A.

    Proponents of Prop 35 are well-intentioned, but short-sighted.

    Proposition writing has become an art in deception.
    emotionally charged language & terminology. Provoking knee-jerk
    rxns that keep one from being unbiased & utilizing one’s critical
    thinking skills.

    Do NOT be a tool. Do not be
    manipulated by the language, imagery and wording that has been carefully
    crafted to fool you into believing something is awesome, when it may
    not be. It’s lifestyle marketing techniques used to manipulate YOUR
    vote, your opinions & ultimately, your actions.

    Look at facts.

    at the big picture: Who is going to benefit? Who does not? What else
    is on the line? Positive AND negative impacts going forward, who do
    those affect?

    First and foremost, this Proposition was drafted, without the inclusion of those who WILL be most affected by this proposal. SEX WORKERS and their families.

    As far as rebuttal of these claims, Norma Jean has posted LINKS to actual prosecution cases, against Law Enforcement, who are exploiting, raping, pimping & otherwise abusing their authority, not only with sex workers, but youth as well. Where are your REAL statistics rebutting same? Cite sources that have not been debunked, please.

    Chris Kelly has donated $1.8M towards the CASE Act aka Prop 35.
    None of this money has gone to direct victim services.

    The NGO’s that actually DO work with those who will be most negatively impacted by Prop 35, get no $$$, do not have a $1.8M budget to spend on marketing campaigns, advertising, slick video presentations, to fight this proposal. This is a primer in the first step in buying a political office.

    $1.8M donated to California Against Slavery & Safer California
    Foundation is NOT for victim services. It’s for the campaign to pass
    the CASE Act aka “Prop 35”. It’s for advertising, for campaign staff,
    and press. It’s to buy votes.

    Do you understand how ridiculous it is that these people are claiming to have the ‘best interests’ of trafficked victims in mind, when they aren’t providing ANY direct services to them at all? This is hot air & media attention, for Chris Kelly’s next bid for CA State Atty General.

    that’s…$1.8M that could of gone to organizations that provide direct
    services to victims. In a cash strapped economy. When budgets for
    social services are being slashed. All that wealth, dangling, like a
    carrot, in the face of a trafficked victim in need of food, shelter,
    medical and/or mental health care. But it’s going to this
    organization, to feed the salacious appetite of a mass media market, by
    way of actual ‘education’, instead.

    These are all people who have NEVER met a trafficking victim, sexual or labor based. Who have NEVER been in a situation where survival sex was the ONLY choice. Have never walked a day in the shoes of someone with an income less than poverty level.

    I don’t think they have the perspective, of what that life looks like. And because of that, they most certainly do not have ANY idea of the potential impact of this Proposition.

    way that this proposal is written, anyone voting against it “looks”
    like they are in favor of human trafficking. Deceptive & tricky,
    that wording.

    So, right thinking people, are basically being politically “blackmailed” into endorsing this proposal.
    come out, publicly, against the CASE Act = political suicide. Publicly
    sayin, “Vote No on Prop 35” is would give any political opponents all
    the ammunition necessary to effectively kill a political career.

    with the political back end of this Proposition. I can dig into the
    actual text of the proposal as well. It is badly written. It was
    written, at least publicly, by Daphne Phung with help from Alameda.
    (Why do all prospective State Attorney Generals seem to go thru an
    approval & vetting process via Alameda County? Maybe we can look at
    that some other time.)

    proposition is dangerous. It broadens the definition of “human
    trafficking” and includes CONSENSUAL sex acts. So, if a couple of
    minors get caught making out or having sex, THEY can be prosecuted under
    these new laws, as TRAFFICKERS. It’s THAT broad.

    Additionally, offering a 30% “bonus” to LE agencies, from trafficking seizures = same prob as LE had when they offered $$$ for narcotics seizures. Corruption for everyone.

    Mark Leno is already working on human trafficking & I’ll wait for his alternative.

    NO ON PROP 35

  • You don’t have to go to Thailand or the former Soviet and Eastern bloc states to find pervasive child prostitution and trafficking. One area that continually gets swept under the carpet is the large numbers of 9-13 year-old American black girls who are victimized by black johns and pimps from within their own community.

    This is a massive problem, yet the typical image of a pedophile john is a middle-class to wealthy white male. There is a large number of late teen to late 20s gang-affiliated black pimps who prey on VERY young girls from their own community, as well as older non-gangster black pimps who specialize in the pre-teens. And now, there is what has become a secretive “downlow”-style preference amongst black johns for the youngest possible black girl prostitutes. It bleeds over into non-prostitute relationships as well when you look at the trend of black teenage mothers whose “baby daddy” is in his 30s.

    There are some brave souls from both within the black community and from the outside who are trying to shed some light on what WAY too many from within the black community want to keep completely out of public view–similar to the rise of AIDS in the straight black male population because of shamefully pretending the “downlow” does not exist. I watched a documentary called “Very Young Girls” about the problem of black child prostitutes, but it took place in the NYC Metro area. I can only hope that the West Coast’s black community has the type of outreach group that was profiled in that film, because the black community otherwise is very far from even admitting that this problem exists to the huge degree that it does.

  • Momo

    Really disgusting escorts are so selfish they don’t even get the prostitude aren’t getting criminalized in this, it is strictly the people selling others, not people selling themselves. Most people being sold by someone else a pimp or trafficker cannot get out of the job easy. This is to protect children and peopel who are being enabled by someone else, go sell yourselves on red book hoes, nobody cares. The oppenents arguments are not true i read the bill and it says the prostitute will be a victim and protected. It’s the trafficker and pimps that will be getting in trouble. The opponents are people who make money off the sex trade and often off people who don’t want to be or feel obligated to keep doing it. Read the bill first

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