The Obama and Romney campaigns are busy preparing their candidates — and trying to lower expectations — for Wednesday’s first presidential debate in Denver, which will focus on domestic policy. We preview the debates.

James Fallows, national correspondent for the Atlantic and author of many books, including "China Airborne"

  • Slappy

    Both are bought and paid for by those among us that do not have our best interests at heart. Both seem to be grossly out of touch with what this country needs. Both are more than happy to wage needless war. The current president allowed his owners to get away with ruining the economy. Once the student loan debt bubble bursts, neither Obama nor Romney will punish the financial institutions for making loans that should not have been made in the first place.

    Rather than focus attention on two extremely BAD candidates, NPR should bring focus to candidates that are, in fact, in touch with the needs of America. The fact that NPR is focusing on Obama and Romney makes them no better than NYT in terms of journalistic quality.

  • Rhet

    The Obama puppet will have a vacuous and phony “debate” with the Romney puppet in which no issue that is central to the worldwide economic crisis will be discussed. They especially won’t include in their talking points Obama’s failure to bring charges against the thousands of criminals on Wall St whose fraud caused the global meltdown, because such crooks work at companies like Goldman Sachs that were Obama’s main campaign donors and are cronies with his economic advisers like little Timmy Geithner. The Romney-puppet, who so eagerly betrayed the American people by sending jobs to China, is now being funded by the same Wall St banksters, and of course mafia kingpin Sheldon Adelson.

  • Guest

    When will we stop trying to sell or frame these events as “debates”? They are not. A debate is a dialogue in which the participants are presenting arguments with premises and conclusions. I am a subscriber to The Atlantic, but James Fallows is not doing us any favors here by chumming the waters for these empty spectacles. I have no intention of watching or listening to them.

  • Verdad

    I do not have to listen to the debates to know that the Republican Party has been hiring crooked voter registration companies to fraudulently win elections for several years. I do not have to listen to any debates to know that the Republican Party is trying to disenfranchise tens of thousand of voters through their phony voter ID campaigns in Florida and Pennsylvania and other locations. My vote was determined when I saw these crimes by the Republicans.

  • Frank Church

    Great, another elite like Fallows with no progressive to keep him in check. Krasny does it again.

  • Frank Church

    The debates are just scripted propaganda. Corporate America controls who wins. My vote is for Jill Stein. We need to scare these two party dictatorships. Shame on Krasny and his selective censorship.

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