San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed

San Jose is the wealthiest city in the country, according to data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. But despite the rosy income data, the Bay Area’s largest city and its mayor are facing serious challenges. For one, crime is on the rise and the police chief just unexpectedly announced his resignation. Mayor Chuck Reed joins us in a special broadcast from KQED Silicon Valley to talk about his plan to put more cops on the street, and to shore up the city budget.

Chuck Reed, mayor of San Jose

  • Chemist150

    The claim is that the benefits were to attract the best talent and most highly skilled but if public sector employees are so talented and skilled, why are they in this mess and a seriously mismanaged budget? How many cities have issued bonds to pay for benefits?

  • Supporter from SF

    Hats off to Mayor Chuck Reed – he’s tackling one of the TOUGHEST public issues. I don’t think you need to ‘market’ the changes. Marketing is now such a big part of politics and decisions – from my perspective it basically ‘dummies’ down the audience. The facts are what is needed. I applaud you and your council.

  • laurence

    Major is rigjt; the union and the pension plan are just killing
    the city.

    I am an architect dealing with cities on the daily bases. Sa Jose’s building and planning departments
    are THE most expansive city in the bay area.
    I have developers and business owners just walk away from San Jose properties. friends
    working in San Jose
    are either retired early (age of 55 or less), and taking jobs on the contract
    or start another jobs. Personals on the counters are un-professional
    and bad attitude. Mr. Major, I hope you
    can do something about this. and yes, I
    think staff’s pension plan is ridicules; as a San Jose residence, I fully support you; and
    better yet, get the union out.

  • Sharon

    I would like the mayor to explain why he claimed the city was in such a dire financial crisis when it was later discovered that the city has millions of dollars more than what he disclosed.

  • charlie b

    SJ Budget Problem Source- THE Bedroom Community

    San Jose is, and has been, the Bedroom Community for Santa Clara County. Other cities get the jobs, and the tax revenue from them, while San Jose, gets the housing. Jobs sites pay more in property taxes than do housing. Jobs sites bring in more taxes than they receive in services. Housing is exactly the opposite -lesser property taxes, more demand for services home owners don’t want to pay for.

    San Jose has almost the lowest Jobs/Household while Santa Clara has the highest Jobs/HH ratio. San Jose is in financial trouble – Santa Clara isn’t.

    San Jose is expected to provide housing for the rest of the county – and does. It needs to add job sites and quit adding housing. Only when San Jose stops being The Bedroom Community for Santa Clara County, will its financial situation improve.

    It ain’t The Employees that’s the problem – it’s the city’s development policies that should be dealt with.

  • SCguy

    I’m glad I don’t live in San Jose, which will be the Next OAKLAND. The mayor is basically telling the officers/firefighters, who put their lives on the line that they don’t matter and the result it they are leaving for places that they are treated better& wanted. So good luck San Jose, I’m happy living in my safe home where cops are happy and I’m happy.

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