Imagine if you could turn cow manure into electricity. Or power a makeshift hospital after an earthquake with a hand-carried “solar suitcase.” These are some ideas that have won the San Jose Tech museum-sponsored Tech Awards — monetary prizes given annually to companies, individuals and non-profits for new inventions or technological innovations that benefit humanity. In this special broadcast from KQED Silicon Valley, the San Jose Tech museum announces the 2012 Tech Awards laureates.

Announcing the Tech Awards Winners 26 September,2012forum

David Whitman, vice president of The Tech Awards
Matt Flannery, founder and CEO of Kiva, an organization that helps connect low-income entrepreneurs with micro-finance loans, and a Tech Awards laureate

  • Scott A

    I have a web-based educational technology project that I’m certain will, revolutionize personal empowerment and accelerate local and global economies.

    However, it’s implications for privacy has led me to avoid VC funding, leaving the project to languish unfunded.

    Do your guest have advice for finding Foundation funding? Any chance they’d be willing to grab a cup of coffee for 20minutes of mentorship?

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